Saturday, January 19, 2008

Personal Msges Explained

"limin who's in UK with his funky and funny crappy personal msges like: I'M SIMPLE, SOMETIMES NAIVE. which i found it very very hard to grasp"

This is a political joke and i dont really mean the literal meaning there.

The person was the chairman of China before.
It is about Hongkong Politics.
He should not lose his cool but he seemed very funny by saying

i miss 78!

our class blog is actually alive! how can i not join in the fun and make some noise over here? here're some photos of familiar faces that (hopefully..) all of you have been missing dearly! =P

i met up with vincent some time in october! he's still the same, as kiddy-looking and crappy as ever! in the backdrop is the london eye and big ben! you know the new national day song, the kit chan one? there's this line about river thames and the big ben.. everytime i go past river thames/big ben i'll get reminded of home!

then in november, i ponned one day of school to go to cambridge! i got dragged there by dear jinbao, supposedly to watch her sing. but my coach got delayed and i didn't even catch her performance. -.- btw, cam is a really boring place! next time if you ever think of visiting cambridge, think twice. come to london instead ok! hahaha. thank goodness for limin who brought me around those couple of days i was there, cos 1)jin bao was too busy for me and 2)there is absolutely nothing to do in cam at all! but of course meeting all the 78ers in cambridge made up for everything! :)

here is our stef! i managed to catch her for a couple of seconds in cambridge. i got to meet her once in london too, together with our 78 seniors xizhen and jinfeng! and stef is still as cool as ever! she comes and goes as swift as the wind la. haha i shall try to catch hold of her and the rest again sometime soon! all of them are always so busy..

i just came back from school! i had a 4hour long practical today. i literally did the experiment till the sun set. it was some microbiology lab session, supposed to count colonies of bacteria (it can go up to a few hundreds!), prepare slides, draw cells.. zzz. so tiring. hope everyone is okay, so sad that i didn't get to celebrate the 07-08 moment with 78! i was counting down at the big ben and watching pathetic little sparks light up an ultra foggy night sky..

p.s. don't think i have to sign off right. my face is in every single photo! :D

Thursday, January 17, 2008


hahahaha.. in response to mr. end the's call for updates. here is my update:

My name is Faith Grace Tan.
Thank you.
that's all for today, check back same time, same webpage for further updates.

haha, just kidding. I'm still studying lor. trying to bid for my modules in NUS. so stressed that i had insomnia and stomach pains. but now its all over and praise God I got even better timetables then I wanted!! WAHAHAHAHAH.
I'm so sorry I couldn't meet up the last two times (whcih were quite close together) and didn't manage to enjoy the 07 -08 moment with you lovelies. :(

This week i'm learning lame stuff like hospitals work and how much of ur hospital bills can u pay by your Medisave/Medishield/Eldershield/Medifund. and how great our local healthcare is. in the government's perspective.

but most still say 'you can die in singapore, but don't ever fall sick!'

exercise 3 times a week, 45 min to 60min each time guys!
keep fit!
stay healthy!
we love health education.. YIPPEE.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

hellooooooo. the creator of this blog is here.

this blog is not dead, it's still breathing, albeit rather faintly. not bad la we still blog once or twice a month, better than our senior's one.

i think we've nt been meeting up frequently man, kinda wondering what everyone's doing. well i'll start the ball rolling by describing my ns life XD

anyway i'm currently at hillview camp in bukit panjang, super near chuan yuan's house (while hes at khatib camp which is soooooo near my home - shld swap with me man). my camp is super near bioni's camp which is bukit panjang camp housing 5SIR. well i book out everyday as part of officership privilege in return for the immense workload we do ha, so anyone of you guys nights out can jio me go dinner or play some pool/lan outside, or any gals who wanna get a good fright seeing my fearsome face feel free to apply for an early halloween experience. jk my self-esteem not so bad if not i won't be doing this kinda shit.

feel that i'm gradually getting outta touch with all e peeps out there alr, like fukan whom i keep having this feeling he's in china when he's really just in nus; like wenqi who is forever busy on msn; weixuan who puts self-drawn kawaii manga characters in his display pic; zongyi who hardly appears online lately in great contrast to jc days before he had jilyn ;); limin who's in UK with his funky and funny crappy personal msges like: I'M SIMPLE, SOMETIMES NAIVE. which i found it very very hard to grasp; like kimberle who always seem to have suggestive stuff in her nickname but actually having a rather hard time over there in uk (lighten up kimmy don't indulge in emo-ness and good luck for exams!); like grace/faithgrace/gracefaith/griffon/faith whom i was starting to forget which one is her real name; like zeying who seems to be rather stressed lately over medicine (you can do it one laaaaaa); like cihan who seems to have endless projects going on *thanks for wasting time and money goin' to my comms ball :D though i think zeying more poor thing cuz she was timo's date*; like pamera whose ambition appears to be a camera; like delin who recently smsed me a 5-sms long msg after our bball rendezvous at amk and who's into business and earning quite a sum; guangfeng, who seemed to have been MIA since before alevels ended; like faqeehah who has (i think) one of the most provocative email addresses ever; and stef our very own 78 president scholar who's probably bagging top grades in cambridge.

tht's about all.

and YOU! yes i mean YOU don't look elsewhere! update! haha.

okay cya class blog.


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