Thursday, August 31, 2006

A day of adventure in HCI~1

On a day that seems like any normal day any other classes always have, 05S78 is going through sth else...

It all began normally with S78 ppl heading for lessons...

and kim still posing at the camera when we are actually taking the yellow rubbish bin behind..

Delin still asking TYS qns, nope, he is not posing for the camera, he is practising his pose to ask Chemistry TYS qn 2 later...

the guys still posing at the steps whenever they can even though the only ppl who take notice are the cleaners at the Zen Garden, who took notice just because they needa clean the steps again...

All of a sudden, the legendary WQ has come, we call her THE WQ, once again, she has compressed her prey into her favourite cake-like shape and consuming it with utmost satisfaction, notice the small guy trying to escape, no, it's not camera effects, she is this big.(or mb the guy is small)

S78 guys still posing for no reason, not realising the danger approaching...

A distant roar got 05S78's attention, almost immediately, all of them ran to the safest shelter they could ever find--LT2.

while everyone was preparing for the coming battle, some ppl just can't help at all. E.g. Zong Yi has succumbed to pressure and gone retarded, and CY, just look at his face...

A Day of Adventure at HCI~2


everyone is preparing for the battle, david the ang bao is practising his jumps, and CY behind is still...

Yes, another proof that ZY has become retarded, and CY....

and at this crucial time, delin still has to ask his last few TYS qns b4 heading out for battle with THE WQ

however, without any warning, the guys are teleported to THE WQ's fav den, which happened to be the guy's posing staircase, so they dun really mind...(just tat delin is still thinking of why HCl has higher boiling point than Hbr) and ZY the retard...

and at this time, AWX (Alternative Woman's X-factor) appeared to save the day again.

Yes, he/she has to check his/her nails first...

and to take a deep breath...

then he can call up his AWX's AAangels(Angel Stef[middle] seems ready for battle)

however, it's eating time, and it cannot be compromised, esp for angel P...

A Day of Adventure at HCI~3


they nv did realise what THE WQ(who has managed to shrink to normal human size and merge into the pizzas-eating-angels) has put into their food, angel Z seems to have eaten sth horrible...

oh man! she's spitting it out, it's.....A TONGUE, how horrible...and btw CY behind is still...

on seeing angel Z suffering, CH(Corny Hair) cannot take it any longer, she wants to chiong first alone, but HW(horny woman) is trying to stop her from doing unnecessary sacrifices, let me repeat unnecessary...

failing to stop CH, HW decided to shoot down CH herself, not because of HW wanting to let CH die under her hands instead of enemy's, but only because of CH's hair...

Kim can't bear to see such a cruel scene, so she covered her eyes in front of the camera, but actually we are taking the black board behind her...

HW decides to write CH's wills for her in guilt, but she doesnt noe wad CH wants so she just wrote on the smallest piece of paper she can find: everything to ND(Naggy Dude) my love<3

A Day of Adventure at HCI~4


never in HW's wildest dream did she realise that actly CH did not die. She was merely a victim of angel Stef's uncontrollable strength which accidentally overstressed CH's face muscles and CH is undergoing some secret therapy, hence being absent. However, even being away, she is still thinking abt...

ND...There he goes...

There he goes again...

meanwhile, the imprisoned guys are planning their escape cause they think they cannot rely on AWX and his AAangels...

and yes, the guys are right, cause the angels are still taking pictures after they have eaten the pizzas...(angel stef still seemed ready for battle though)

some of the guys are thinking of the real old times...

ND is thinking of the good old times...

and some are thinking of...nvm...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Day of Adventure at HCI~5


while the guys are still preparing for the escape, ZY is playing around with the rifle, aiming at somewhere you do not want to know what will happen if the rifle fired...

commercial break-wear purple and be happy

back to story: even though AWX is planning to rescue the guys...

this is his real motive...

at this time, the OLDPAPER reporters are trying to interview a witness who claimed to have seen CH, but other than that, he has no more comments, he just passed ND a picture and left...

ND who thought CH has died became extremely sad, looking at this beautiful photo, thinking it's the last picture he will ever see of her...

He thinks of the time when they met at Iraq...

the wonderful time spent at Canada...

A Day of Adventure at HCI~6


unable to take the pain anymore, ND decided to turn gay, putting a hairband on his head...and delin has finally understood that HCl has shorter bond length so stronger bond so higher boiling point than HBr, he is a happy boy now.

for no reason, THE WQ has retreated and the guys are freed, but under AWX's influence they have decided to turn homo, how sweet...and that's basically the end of the day, a gay ending:)

and no, CY, the bottle has not talked, there is no need to shhh at it, haiz...

all the characters and pictures are made up, if there is any resemblance, too bad.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

GP notes - poverty globalisation and tourism

hi guys. i've scanned in the set of GP notes mrs ang gave us on friday. you can download it here. it will only be available for 7 days so please download it and save to your comp.

i've put them into various folders for ease of viewing. please EXTRACT all the files before viewing, otherwise you will not be able to see them in the folders. any problems pls msg me thanks.

<3 gloree.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Great deals!

Hello, Have 2 secondhand PE shirt for sale at $0 each, or a special price discount package of both for the same price.

Both are used for less den a week (total of <168hours), and are in mint condition (9.8/10), the 0.2 depreciation owing to devaluation since it's secondhand.

One is XL, one is L, and are the old guy model one, those we got during orientation.

No tears or stains, Blue Stag, 100% polyester.

Reason for selling is cos every friday buy one shirt after bball become have too many shirts.

If interested please contact me at 96635126 so i can arrange for viewing/collection. Sorry no pictures available.

If nobody want den i'd have to bring it to ebay. Thanks for your time.


chem answers

hello 78! here're the answers for chem revision exercise on energetics and kinetics. :)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Happy Bdae 78!

cheeky zongyi
greedy zongyi! always ready to steal a bite:P

zeying & grace!
zeying qiang3 jing4 tou2~!

lighting candles
chuan yuan a.k.a. maria

scary andy
never disturb a dog when its hungry [caption by david]

amazing candles
relights instantly when you blow it out! amazing! -.-

the first cut
andy stop eyeing the cake!

shoo grace!

close up
closer up
a kilogram of sin

prima deli rocks
lousy photography skills


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