Saturday, April 29, 2006

merry chem test

'tis the season to be jollyy..falalalalalalalala!

chem test topics
carboxylic acids and derivatives
nitrogen compounds

please help me pass on to those who you know don't come here. and send to as many ppl as you can!!
of course i will announce it on tuesday again.

and please see which day you guys are free for 1h chem make up tutorial(:

Saturday, April 22, 2006


heys ppl. me and huiwen read this lame book of bunny suicides (chinese version) at popular on thursday. it's all illustrations and all depicting this rabbit trying to kill itself. i took some pictures to share here. heh. go read it if you have time, it's damn hilarious. it's an orange cover book. see website for details and more, better quality pictures: 

Monday, April 17, 2006

3 cheers for 05s78 for doing unexpectedly well last thursday during 8X200 sports heats!(: Here are some photos taken by glori during sports heats last thursday. Enjoy~

stephanie, getting ready ahead of others. wait, who's that girl doing pole dance?

everyone's poised..

R7 seems to be pissed, maybe the race is taking forever to start.

finally, the moment had arrived. look at how tensed everyone was, well maybe except for yoke hong (R8)

biondi, with face highly contorted. nice shot..

whoa whoa watch it man!

zeying recovers from the clumsy baton pass and dashes off. she sure looks powerful.

nicholas, cool as usual, seemingly passed the baton with eyes closed.

tingfu passes to wenqi. R7 guy seems to be greatly shocked, probably by tingfu's lightning speed.

anyway it seems a lil incomplete but that's all i got. think we're participating in some more relays as well, so please do support those running. hehe.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

More things


firstly to those who actually do believe me i really appreciate it v v much =)

Anyway Delin told me bout this NS website's Napfa training guide. here's the link:

More elaborate. If you have the discipline to follow that programme then maybe you can try that. Its quite alright, just too much excess i think.
Both only abit similiar cos e principles applied roughly the same, differnt cos of the same reason. Her's long term mine's short.

Some good news, napfa test may be pushed further back due to tracknfield meet. 2nd napfa test would be after the june holidays! Thankyou for reading

Byebye, awx

Friday, April 07, 2006

Random Stuff

I'm bored! Haha.. Haven't been here for quite awhile..

Anyway, Weixuan, nice piece of work! Shall use up all your advice in hope to get that silver. Thanks for the help!! Great job man! And i'm thinking of passing on 2nd attempt, coz my sbj seriously cmi... sighs...

And to Fukan, really like that map a lot! It's awesome man! haha... Seems like we all live so close to each other like that..

So, was playing bridge today with huiwen, kimberle and chieh hwee. Then later guang feng took over and the game became a lot lot more fun. Haha... Although was really quite bad to guang feng, but haha... nice try for the first time playing la.. :)

I'm tired.. Nites...

Oh... Happy "qing ming jie"(sweep the grave)...

chuan yuan

"I Don't Blame You. I Blame My Own Fate." :p


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