Wednesday, March 29, 2006

napfa tips

( if you have no time to finish reading this whole chunk skip to summary at bottom)

Hello, I'm here as your retired PE rep. I just thought i should provide some tips for the upcoming Napfa. It only just struck me that it is critically impt for guys, esp for the more athletically challenged, if not you go enjoy ur pre-NS extra training. If i not wrong if u need at least silver.

ive keep it succinct with layman so its understandable. Minimal theories, either you trust me or not. Im product of what i practice and i do know what i am talking about.

Here's disclaimer.These are what i think work, my theories n deductions. If you think i'm wrong just reject my suggestions, if you have skepticisms just keep it to yourself i dont want to hear them.
Note that these are for super short term goals, could be potentially injury causing.
Not much injury-prevention practices cos u dont really need it, and i doubt you'd overwork yourself.

These are meant to help you pass pass napfa, not to ace it. If you can already get silver den dont bother reading dis not performance orientated. Anw u can't really achieve much with such little time left. Hope these crashcourses would help u =) Im trying to take into account your mugger lifestyles.

This is created assuming you are aiming to pass by first attempt, if you're aiming for second attempt den you've probably got about a month more which is quite alot. If i got time i see how i can help. Also assuming you do run. You need to! Don't complain no time haha, it's all about your prioritization. 3rd assumption is that you wld slack some. Also assuming you dont isolate the exercise they are integrated into one already to save you time.

Napfa stations:
1. Sit and reach
2. standing broad jump
3. shuttle run
4. pullups
5. situps
6. 2.4 run

1.sit and reach
Static stretches would suffice. Napfa only requires you stretch your posterior chain so all u need is to stretch in the forward direction(screw the rest). Stretching only works if you do it often, and are detrimental instead if u do it once in bluemoon. For flexibility, you hav to stretch till it hurts, it's the only way. Nothing to teach i just tell u precautions.

Watch for pain in the back. Don't stretch standing up (legs open or not) and jerking your hands down, dont ever jerk. Don't stretch napfa style with your arms reaching forward straining to touch toes, dont know why they do that but its bad, dont grab your feet or try to pull yourself down, grab your thighs instead or get someone to push you down, its not about touching toes.

i recommend: 3 stretches, left right and both. 30sec Minimum per stretch. For left/right stretch e other leg shld be bent in front of u not behind. Dont force too much every time u stretch, rather do more times. Ask me for help. Stretching before and after running. Before - stretching shldnt hurt. After - stretch til it strains. Before stretching- do light running eg 400m around track. I recommend passive stretching where possible, ie get your friend to help push you down.

2. Standing broad jump.
Not possible within this time frame, but jus giv it a shot. Gah very hard to teach. 5 components to plyometrics, only 3 are achievable now. i suggest: Learn technique, i can teach u mine, works for me.Otherwise find a technique that can let you jump furthest. Basic rule- best way to improve something (to a certain level) is to do it.For now just do what mr tan asked us to do last time after runs. Do same maybe 3x10jumps, but do only after you've recovered from the run and feel fresh again. Go gym if u want but id say no point

Ensure MUCH rest between run/each jumpset. Must not feel fatigue before starting each set. Jump as hard as u can for each jump. Don't spend too much time with legs on the ground between each jump. Running will indirectly help your jumping. This is minimal already i know u sure no time.

3.shuttle run
Nobody fail right?

get ppl to assist you, i am not very sure how to train. Just keep doing. I would highly recommend gym-assisted-machines. Make sure you rest well after each session. If muscle aches when you move, u've overloaded, cut all pullup related exercise take passive rest (total rest) and resume when ache has subside. Applies to every muscle group. If you do gym-assisted-pullup machines pick a weight which you can do 6reps with (shld struggle to complete the last repetition). Repeat for as many times possible, increase assisting weight if you cant complete 6, every set must have 6. Dont rest between sets. Do till u die out, or till u get bored. this actually kills two birds with one stone. shld work very good

5. situps
i dont think anyone has problems with situps. Do 2x20 crunches after running and jumping. Indirectly helps your jump.

6. 2.4
Finally, the run. If im not wrong you need what 13 minutes to pass right? Here's e basic rule for short distance running. If you're training for 2.4, run 2 x 2.4=4.8~5km for training. Run at constant pace. After you run you have to be panting. at the last 100-150m or so do an all out sprint. This isnt a proper training method, its not here not there but i do this for last minute. For those who can run already and are reading this u can do this too, but it wld only help you to a certain level.

General things:
1. Those who need to lose weight please do so =). Cut down on unnecessary diet ONLY.
2. try to pick fish over other meat.
3. Eat well BEFORE and after workout. U need energy to last and make your workout work
4. KEEP WELL HYDRATED you wont know how important it is.
5. Get adequate sleep. Define adequate = u wake up refreshed. I dont know why but from personal experience it is just damn important. Dont need wake up early, pe is late body would be functioning optimally already. Which reminds me:
6. 5-7 is the best time for running training- temperature/biological factors.

7. (IMPORTANT), don't stop running/start walking/sitdown right after a run. As tired and nauseous you may be, u have to keep jogging. Nobody really cares so i thought i better explain it's importance, this especially applies to people who have LOW BLOOD PRESSURE, esp after e incidence of some1 falling down.

When you run your heart pumps blood around to the body. However due to the nature of running. The rhythmic contractions of your skeletal muscles does act as a secondary pump for your heart. When you suddenly come to a standstill, secondary pump disabled, blood pressure suddenly drops. No blood go to head ur actually in danger of fainting. If u dont faint u feel bad and turn pale. As simple as this.


  • Stretching - stretch 3 or more times a day everyday. Do the sit down forward stretch. Stretching shld hurt. Get someone help push u if possible
  • Running - do a warmup 400m light run, stretch (shldnt hurt that much). Run about 5km. Dash e last 100m or so. Jog on the spot. Stop and rest, when light panting left, do 20pushups 2x20crunches 20spring jumps. Rest more and do Mr Tan's jumps 3x10. Rest about 5 minutes between each jumpset. Stretch (painful version). Dont cramp in anymore pullups. Do pullups as separate component
  • Pulllups - do with friend assist, as many as possible. Go gym if possible 6 repetitions per set as many sets as possible. Increase assist weight after each set if u cant maintain 6.
Stop all training 3 days before napfa.

Pre-napfa preparations:

  • Sleep early
  • eat good breakfast
  • No lunch <3.5hrs>
  • Keep drinking water whole day, no more large quantities of water(ie a bottle drink) <2hrs>
  • light stretching if you want

All the best in getting a silver! I hope ive been of help.

Monday, March 27, 2006

class map

new! map showing locations of every classmate. done with google earth. sorry i only hav addresses of ppl on e map.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


jts was fun! thanks to lysia hannah and all the other j1s who participated actively in the organisation! :D

by the way food was yummy ((: ze cihan chieh stef and i had an amazing time choosing food and laughing at zongyi and weixuan. HAHA XD our table rocks yeah?! not to forget the juniors who were on our table too, xiaomeng blah blah blah [i'm bad at names] and gaochong who were amusing us with the food they ate - SALAD and more SALAD! haha. poor gaochong had to eat all the veggie. but poor j1 girls even more cos they had to tolerate gaochong's complains. poor me and us too.

and 20 dollars is good! hahah thanks for the generosity (: i heard many classes set their budgets at 15! so i guess we're lucky people huh! :D

ok, just to keep this blog a little alive ahhaah. ying2 make a new blogskin! and can we just settle on that class tee design! i want it ASAP! oh and we can consider making a combined class tee with the juniors too! like SEVEN EIGHT shirt so our seniors and grandseniors and greatgrandseniors and greatgreatgrand seniors blah can buy too! (: wad'ya think?!

- huiwen


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