Thursday, February 23, 2006

class tee

heyys people! here's the preliminary class tee design. please give comments, on colours and everything. yup.


i've also made a logo which i suppose chuan yuan doesnt really like. haha. give comments also. i know it's cheena, but it's special la. (:



Sunday, February 19, 2006

the lobster strikes back

Okae, now my crap enzymes are worked up, inspired by or erm activated by our junior's class blog post. Sometimes i wonder how my enzymes get activated, i guess they are those u use in PCR, those that live in the lakes, thermo something one... hahas, okies, i haven't done this for quite a while, so i need some time to warm up k...

hahas, so i suddenly recall that many a times, i try to imitate a close friend of mine, u know, scold bad words, shake leg, a little of hokkien, with tattoos and everything. I think u all know him too! well, let me introduce, he is gangster, a close species of my kind. We all belong to this little family called the -ster. U know, like prankster, monster, minister, webster, trickster, molester and oh yar, one of my very best friends! FRIENDSTER! phew that took quite a while, plus some searching up of words from the longman dictionary of comtemporary english, maybe china would want to come up with a shortwoman encyclopedia of conpermanent chinese. hmmm, i guess it would sell quote well, cos longman's blue in colour and shortwoman should be red. Oh, and it saes here, the complete guide to written english and spoken english. Shortwoman will be the incomplete scout to drawn chinese and acted chinese. oh no, wait, must express the answer this way then can get full marks, le tme try again ah. (chinese)^2 The incomplete scout to drawn and acted.

That day was going out with lysia david and steffi to watch huo yan jia! it was super nice, with all the knuckle cracking sound, woohoo... but i had a very big discovery that dae! Do you know that the singapore government actually promotes the arts, as in yar the artistic art? as in other then the esplanade which is like the headquarters, they have branches everywhere, even at ps! they have art rooms, people queuing up to enter these rooms somemore. they really are a hit! i also noticed that they have names like ATM or DBS, dun realli know what they mean, Art To Man? or Da Binci Showroom? so kewl rites? must really thank the government for investing so much money. And guess what are these art rooms good at, or perhaps the people at the art rooms, they are supersuper good and i mean real good, better then micheangelo or picasso, they draw money! lots of them! they even have this card, sort of like record card, everytime u draw, u will score points, but its the lesser the better kind of score. So the more u draw the less points u are left with! Its so super high tech, thank you government for emphasizing so much on our artistic expressions!

well, back to the headquarters at esplanade, they should build sometime similar again, again, like lemonade or something, then shape of two halves of a lemon. Then u have two headquarters!, then u can boast to the world, hey(in a typical russel peters way), singapore has a headhalf!Oh yar, and in secondary school, i held the post of the quartermaster, now in HC band, gort two quartermasters! But do u know why two quartermasters dun make a halfmaster? because, u have two masters so must be more powerful! Two quartermasters equals to halfdictator. Now, it sounds weird then again, why on earth would u have a half dictator? Where gort teacher so evil, ask u do dictation then only read out half only. Nah, i think teachers aren't that evil, half dictators aren't good names for them, hmm, my chinese teacher used to dictate the whole passage, so maybe can call her a dictator! wooo, sounds really cool now.

well, shall stop now, give feedback and comments, positive or negative feedbacks are fine with me, i have affectors and effectors ready 24/7 to carry out the responses. Oh and remember, the parasympathetic system decreases ur heart beat, oops, so glori, so random, oh now wait, its in the present tense, so it should be rundom...kkaes

From the red lobster,

Thursday, February 09, 2006

nonsense at 1.35am

we are deadd.
how come nobody blogs at 1.35am in the morning.

christmas is coming.. enjoy this festive season! :)
did you know? you need to be hep B immunised to study medicine. sign up with your family doctors today as the course may take about nine months to be completed.
hep B antigens help make people understand medicine better by altering the DNA strucutre, making the TATA box longer so that the brain cells can replicate at a higher rate, allowing more efficient thought proceeses. :)

its early in the morning. time to wake up
-who else would be so brilliant-


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