Tuesday, January 31, 2006


happy new year! may[day] your three days be filled with angbows [with loads of money!], pineapple tarts, good food, shark fin, and LOVE! hahah.

best wishes for the new year!

and update more often kae?!

-huiwen ((:

Friday, January 20, 2006

PE announcement

Hello. Our junior blog's more active then our stagnant one, but that's only normal cause their enthuness hasnt worn off yet. which is a good thing. I don't think anyone would have any anouncements or stuff to post so i'd do my part in a bid to liven up the blog =)

Here's what i have to say in a nutshell:

Study hard..but dont neglect your fitness too!

The study part is redundant, its for me to read. But yeah e second part applies to most of y'all! Well excluding those sportsmen such as huiwen wenqi timothy (zongyi), and those enthu-d (good!) people such as andy tingfu grace (zeying's running now as well!), and those crippled ones such as chieh hwee; the rest of you guys girls and inbetweens should start running too!

Here's some reasons why:
1. Cross country is coming up. Its a mass run... not a mass WALk! Not really important though just run if you want to.. Macritchie is nice and scenic just enjoy the route. If you don't know this year's x-country is on the 15th of February
2. Here's the important one: NAPFA 2.4 run. 'nuff said.
3. Here's most important for some..perhaps an incentive for you to start running. Prom Night's this year! Just a reminder.. lol. Trust me ppl often regret not starting earlier, its a phenomenon that occurs everyyear. So im just here to remind you early =) Cos when exams draw nearer.... you know the rest
4. An elaboration for point 2. IF you happen to fail napfa, you'd have to enter NS earlier. For this year's batch they had to go in on december the 19th. So sad to go in just few weeks after your A's have ended. Start training up for your weak stations man!

Im tired braindead and going to sleep. Takecare and good luck =)

- retired PE rep
PS. I love Physics. Don't you?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hey 78!

Harloes, have lots to say about Campfire night.

Thank you everyone for making the effort to come join us at a ulu corner in the park opposite school. Especially for those who had canoe training like tim wenqi and huiwen! And the Old 78ers, from 02S78 lehz, cannot believe it, maybe next time like what i said, we can have lik 01S78 to 10S78. Keep the 78 spirit alive man! Not forgetting the juniors, u people were great!

Also, i really hope u all enjoyed the games, its like my second time hosting event like that, so if things aren't going too well, please duoduo bao han. And yar, this is a commie state, everyone is equal, feel free to give feedbacks kaes! Like if you have any games you think is fun and should plae, just approach me of mushroom kan le

Yar, and STJ, we have to hold it soon, if not when we kanna the full impact of our workload ah, then we dun have time for our juniors le. So i need u people to reflect like possible dates and venues. Dun worry, this is just informal asking, will discuss in greater detail in class again.

Yup, so once again thank you everyone for being so sporting and cooperative! Thank You!!!


Monday, January 09, 2006

i'm damn bored. so here i am to blog. haha. so random x)
i think this is a nice pic((:


Monday, January 02, 2006


to the few who still reads this blog. aka me grace glori weixuan andy zongyi bernard & ying2. maybe a few more, but this is all i can rmb for now.

hope j2 will be better year for all of us! [though i seriously doubt so].

anyway sorta miss all of you. but there's this mixed feeling. i want school to start so that i can see you guys, but eh considering the amount of homework i've completed.... no thanks.

cya'll tmr!



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