Saturday, September 24, 2005


with regards to what mrs koh said that day, i think we've really disappointed her a lot. having the worst results among all the previous s78s, we also have the worst attitude :X

i admit, i'm one of the people who pon lects though i come to school everyday and contributing to the overall not-so-good results.

but i'll try to change, and i hope those who had pon lessons will too, and come for the last 2 days of school before promos. mrs koh's been really nice to us, never scolds nor punishes, and always allowing us to do stuff like eating or listening to mp3 players in class. because she's nice to us, we shouldn't take advantage of the privileges she has given us.

like not putting area and volume into the promos.

yeap so everyone lets show her that we aint the worst s78 k! lastly:


and please please please come for lessons next week or else mrs koh will be sad :(

- admiral of navy.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

05S78 Survey

Took me 2 days to make it...DArN...

Please be truthful...PLEASE!!!!!!! I BEG YOU!!!!

Chuan Yuan

Saturday, September 17, 2005

fellow comrade struck

hey guys. our Supreme Soviet Leader may have also been struck with dengue. do keep him in your prayers (: <3 glori.

Friday, September 16, 2005

I love 78

Hey, thank you darlings for visiting me on Tues. You all made me really happy.

Thanks for the:
-6 pears (i love this kind of pears)
-3 cups of yoghurt (my dad ate 2, he likes it)
-2 peaches (i love peaches)
-1 box of grapes (this is nicer than the hospital's grapes)
-1 box of cereal (i will have this for breakfast as soon as i can eat)
-1 pillow (i sleep with this every night at the hospital)
-1 cleo magazine (wish me luck in winning the contests)
-lots and lots of your love, care and concern

miss you all.

remember to update me when I get back!! (scandals and sch work and stuff) -kim

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

we miss kim!

kimberle get well soon! mosquitoes cant kill. heheh.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

woes of a rep.

recently i, ur chem rep, have been giving out past years papers and suggested answers for tutorials and has also sucked alot of money from the class fund. well yeah if the class fund is dwindling it's probably bcoz of chemistry. this is not the point anyway. to give out the past years papers ive tried passing it around (well would u expect me to give out by separating the three big stacks of past years papers into 26 sets of three papers each?) in the end it seems that there are more than 26 of us or something and the papers are not enough for everyone. fukan and limin do not have their share. okay so i guess that's not an efficient way of giving out, maybe i'll just let u take urselves. so yesterday i put four stacks of different stuff on the class bench and let u take what u need. then at the end of it there are still people who did not take their share. well, this is fine. den i counted. 5 organic chem tutorials left, 5 suggested answers for electrochem and electrolysis left and 4 answers for challenging questions left?! someone out there's got sticky fingers or something?! oh give me a break man. i hafta tell those poor dudes/gals who dun haf a copy of wadever given out to get photocopy their own stuff or photocopy myself using class fund, sucking up more money... blah..

so yes, please be kind to ur reps, not just the stupid chem rep. take what you need. thank you. (:


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