Saturday, August 13, 2005

crime and punishment

Hey everyone, in the light of our new gp topic crime and punishment, and after Dr. Tan showed us all that stuff about torture (um ok this is a bit lag), I would like to take the chance to introduce something related. Hopefully you would also find some of this useful for gp essay :)

A lot of us learned about and were a bit shaken by those ancient torture methods that Dr. Tan introduced. But do you know that up to this very day, this very moment, similar torture methods are still being carried out?

Do you know that there are currently 2676 Falun Gong practitioners who have been verified by the UN as being tortured to death in China? Do you know that over 100,000 practitioners have been sentenced to forced labour camps, where they are tortured to coerce them into giving up in what they believe in? Do you know that the Chinese Communist Party employs a recorded number of over 100 torture methods on Falun Gong practitioners?

And do you know that at this moment the figures are still climbing?

Not many know about the current persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China, so I guess I should start by explaining what exactly Falun Gong is.

Falun Gong is an ancient qigong practice that’s based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. It is not a religion; there are no religious ceremonies, no worshipping, no acceptance of donations and no membership records (i.e. it’s free in terms of money and whether you want to come or go). What we mainly do is meditation exercise and we also study the Zhuan Falun, which is like the Bible or the Koran. We strive to become better people by learning to give up various attachments and sins in life, and thus attain a certain level of calmness and serenity.

When Mr. Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong, introduced the practice in 1992 at health expos and through lectures around China, people initially came because of the health benefits (Mr. Li had been honoured several times by the govt at health expos through awards). But after they learned what Falun Gong was really about, which is to cultivate yourself to become a better person, they stayed on and the news spread through word and mouth. By 1999, in less than seven years, there were more than 100 million practitioners in China.

The govt probably got afraid that they could not control the huge numbers of people practicing Falun Gong, because on July 20th 1999 the govt started a massive campaign to obliterate Falun Gong from China entirely. The media published fake reports about the "atrocities" of Falun Gong. The govt banned the practice and spread the word that we were a cult, and even staged two self-immolation incidents at Tiananmen to defame us. Practitioners were arrested illegally from their homes, sent to labour camps and tortured to force them to give up their belief. Torture methods included driving bamboo splints through their fingers, dragging them bound and tied behind speeding vehicles, electric shocks with needles, dangling them by the arms from the ceiling while weighed down by buckets of water and a 100 other different methods that would make the US soldiers’ abuse on Iraqis look tame.

However, to date there are 100 million practitioners worldwide in over 60 countries; doctors, university professors, blue-collar workers, elderly people, children, blacks, whites and yellow-skinned who are doing the same thing as what I am doing now, trying to tell the world peacefully that we are not what the CCP paints us to be. The UN and Amnesty International have also acknowledged the situation, and are helping through investigations. I hope you can realise the monstrosity of the situation, the daylight genocide and persecution that is happening now, and please help us by telling your family and friends about this.

On behalf of the 100 million Falun Gong practitioners worldwide, thanks for reading this humongous entry so patiently, and we would like to give you a message that we hope you can spread around: Falun Gong is good. :) Hope this is good material for gp too, and you can look for me if you have any questions.

- wen qi

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Internal Elections results

Dear Comrades, when the Supreme Soviet was dissolved not long ago, Internal Elections has been held to mould the new government that will once again bring pride and glory to universal communism. Before the results are released, i hereby would like to proclaim a new amendment in the constitution that my comrades shall abide by.

1. Under Act 3 Line 34, All MEN and WOMEN of the Soviet Union shall address each other as Comrade, Brother or Sister as universal communism states that all are equal, this is mere basic courtesy we can practise as a caring and loving nation.


Comrade Timothy - Head of Cheka (Secret Police)
Comrade Pamela - General Secretariat
Comrade Glorijoy - Minister for Propaganda and Censorship
Comrade Stephanie - Commander-in-Chief of Ground Forces
Comrade Huiwen - Admiral of Navy
Comrade Nicholas - Supreme Commander of Air Forces
Comrade Delin - Minister for Finance
Comrade Cihan - Minister for Arts and Culture
Comrade Faqeehah - Minister for Environment
Comrade Weixuan - Minister for Health
Comrade Zong Yi - Minister for Internal Affairs
- Head of Intelligence (KGB)
Comrade Chieh Hwee - Minister for Agriculture
Comrade Tingfu - Minister for Education
Comrade Chuan Yuan - Minister for Social Development
Comrade Andy - Minister for Defence
Comrade Kimberle - Minister for Research and Development
Comrade YingYing - Minister for Foreign Affairs
Comrade Biondi - Minister for Sports
Comrade Guang Feng - Head of Soviet Television Corporation
Comrade WenQi - Head of Soviet Tourism Board

Comrade Fu Kan - Ambassodor to People's Republic of China
Comrade Zeying - Ambassodor to Holland
Comrade Grace - UN Representative
Comrade Li Min - Mafia Chief

Monday, August 08, 2005

fireworks, trains, track, and shavers.

heyyy gotta share with you all pics i took these few days. enjoy :D

[oh btw the links for E4 are below... if you need them :P]

happy people (:


see my reflection behind!


look biondi's pole dancing! :X

trying to act artistic.

SQUASHED. wahaha.

look at the beauuutiful fireworks!

girls with yinli -.-

stef -.-

gloree and i!

cihan and ze :D


preeety girls! XD

ugly girls. wahaha.


what's with that expression?!

what the heck...

san mao!




illegal gathering at citylink mall!


erm sorry i lost alot of E4s, maybe the indian auntie ate them up or something.

but fret not! u can download from these links:

page one
page two

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Marina bay!

Gloreeeee!! So it's you, means our guess is wrong. Anyway, no offence ok? I think I sounded pretty angry in that post too. Was telling my rj friend how nice my class is and how much I love it just b4 i read your post, so yea.

Anyway, my entire PW group (Nick, Huiwen, Tingfu, Biondi and me) and Andy went Marina Bay today for the National day concert! But Tingfu, Biondi and I missed the fireworks, then there was Zhou Hua Jian and he sang Peng You. But as for the highlight it was...(drumroll) Mayday!! Haha.

There was this faint beam of light shooting to the sky, then Tingfu wanted to see what happen if he slide a paper through it. Haha. It was super bright.

Then we left the concert for a while and went to this nice place. got small lake and beach too, and the city skyline... very very nice!!!!! Really!

That's my shadow.. Yar, my phone's cam is not very good. Can't take night pictures.

Huiwen, I purposely left out the details for you to fill in! Know you're pretty excited and want to blog bout this!!

Ahhhh... love going out on saturday nights! And Sunday mornings! Haha, but not both!


Saturday, August 06, 2005


highlight the picture (or press ctrl+A) to see the pic change! :D


attack of the randomness

oops. if you haven't already guessed! yea was me! glorii. i wrote that sad entry. forgot to sign off the other time. xP

well in no offensive way, i guess what i meant was there was a whole lot more that we could do. i'm not saying we all should have donated 8bucks each. i know i didn't. but i felt that even if 8bucks was too much, we could have spared a dollar or 2 to show our support at the very least. most certainly, giving doesn't count in its monetary value, but the pricelessness of the act. but if you're telling me that you can't afford to take out that much, then i surely can't and won't argue against that. but is that the case? perhaps i'm misguided, please correct/kick me if so.

oh yes and sorry for the use of the word nothing, a tad too harsh reading back again. i guess i was pretty dishearted by that afternoon. pardon my inappropriate vocabulary. hopefully i'll get to see 78 through kimberle's eyes soon. (:

apologies for randonness anyway. have a great weekend!

<3 glori.

Friday, August 05, 2005

To the sad person

Erm...who are you??? Erm you must understand that after the nfk thing, people are less generous towards charities.

Pam said $8 per person. We are not very rich you know. That IS a tad too much to ask for...with so many charities soliciting now. Some christian told me a story about a poor woman who donated 50c to the church, which is all she had. A rich man donated $1000. Which is just a fraction of his monthly salary. But in the Lord's eyes, the woman gave more.

I'm sorry for you, coz you can develop such a bad impression of your class who shared many nice moments with you for almost 8months, over such a small thing. And you feel we have nothing to be proud of as a class.

This incident speaks for itself?? I've seen many of our class people donate to tincans, treat one another during recess, lend notes and tutorials, do volunteer work for the sake of helping others....etc Why only focus on the not-so-generous side of the class, our class?

Think about the camaradarie, the class spirit, the first 3 months, class outings....okayyyy??

Don't forget to leave your name again if you want to reply!


Thursday, August 04, 2005


Hey S78-ers!
As u all may haf known that next monday will be the nat day celebration.
So me and kim were thinking of gg to east coast park to cycle or blade, whichever to ur preference.
some ppl needa write GP essay which may take like 1hr+. So was thinking the rest of us go eat first then wait for them to finish then go together.
Ze, Stef and Gloree haf council stuff till 3+, they can join us after that.
Its gonna be fun, so do make it free on that day and go as a class outing k? hope this time can break the trend of only 7 or 8 ppl gg per class outing!:P


This announcement is brought to you by KID (Kimberle in corporation with David)

P.S. i noe that hui wen wanna go k box or sth, but i wanna go blading:P mmm, wad does the class think?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


today i was sad.

an envelope was passed around class, hoping that we would contribute some monday in support of the Childrens' Cancer Foundation. pamela told us that in order for the sum to be substantial, everyone would need to donate at least 8 dollars. the envelope went one round to everyone today, and returned to pamela with what, less than 10 dollars?

it just speaks for itself.

i personally am not angry, just disappointed. disappointed that perhaps despite being one of the better classes in physics, being dr tan's best class in gp, we have nothing to be proud of, basically because we don't have a heart to give. even 2 dollars would suffice. nothing, not even a few cents.

i don't know. perhaps i just wish 78 would be what i imagined it to be.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Haha, even our grandsenior's blog more updated than ours. Nevermind, I'm here to liven up the place! Feel quite selfish to update my personal blog only...

Well, first bout the arts fest, David is super zai lar!! Haha, and so was the whole MAD too. Choir not bad too... $3 really worth the money! But why so many ppl can get it free??? Hmph! Still have to pay David back tmr.

Then we were like shouting Ms Keung's and Pam's name throughout the show, although they were just sitting next to us. Was tempted to shout david's name b4 the chinese dance performance too...then those dancers on stage will be like "Huh? there's a David among us???" Haha!

Then IMCB. Yeah Grace, of course I had lots of fun! How can anything be dull with you around???? And Guang Feng, how's your 11A1s? or 12A1s? Must update us on what you all did during those 3 days kk? Heard bout the badminton match thing. Awww, never mind... we know we rock can alr.


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