Sunday, June 26, 2005

add oil!

THE blocks are starting tomorrow!
arghhh havent finished mugging, but i'm still online anyway.
just wanna come here and wish everyone HAPPY MUGGING, add oil, and score well for the blocks!

oooh and biondi, better watch out. i'm going to THRASH you in bio etc. and burst your stupid ego. better watch it manx.

-huiwen, your dearest IT rep.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

hey this is ur chem rep here, those who have not collected ur chem block tests 2003 and 2004 pls get it from me on the day we have our physics remedial.

yeah tt's all. u guys take care and cya.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

physics remedial!

heyy everyone. remember that there's supposed to be a physics remedial somewhere in the last week of the hols? yup so here are the details that i just got frm mr Gow.

day/date: tuesday 21/6/05
time: 12nn-2pm
venue: E202

remember to attend if u can!

-physics rep

Saturday, June 11, 2005

class outing!!

hey everyone!we have planned a class outing to sentosa this coming saturday 18/'ll probably be in the afternoon..ok?

-your welfare reps

Lord of the Crap - The Return of the Lobster

hey everyones, the lobster is back, does that sends shivers down your spine? Do you see ur spinal cord wriggling and trembling with fear? Take a look at your spine sometimes, you see it, maybe not with your naked eye, it is always with its friend there in your backbone, his friend's name is fear, so when it trembles, it trembles with fear? rites? like i go shopping with tom, like i go cycling with dick, like i go swimming with harry, because i am WITH my friend, that's why i sae i am doing something WITH someone. But fear is a really interesting name rites? dun you think so, wait, i am treating it with disrespect, Fear, no fear, sorri Fear for nort spelling your name as Fear but as fear, please don't take this matter to court, no please, my future will be lost, i cannot sustain a long court battle!! help, i am trembling with fear!!! argh, no, i am trembling with Fear.

well, that seems kindda like a warm up for the longer parts, but tell the truth, are u realli trembling in fear? i mean Fear, u don't need to actually, it isn't stated in the constitution like it must be Fear, it can be like with respect? with dignity? with honour? Hey come on, singapore wants a creative society, be different! stand out from the rest! Stand out in fromt of everyone else and sae out proudly! I tremble with dignity! or i tremble with STABILITY! sounds absolutely cool, totally cool. This reminds me, was doing this phy question, ever pondered why the Kelvin has a fixed point of absolute zero? and not like totally zero, confirm zero, or must be zero? like absolutely cool and be said as totally cool also what?w whaz u c that guy, dress until so trendy, confirm cool man, it conveys the same meaning don't u think so?

ohz, and another casual observations, as i c all of you going to slp every nite, i somehow notice that u all trip over stones, why is that so? it never has an anomaly, when each one of u goes to slp, u trip over a stone. Do you notice it? do u even feel it?i nvr did at first. Maybe its a kind of a ritual everyone goes by, maybe the ancient tribal man always do it, or the zongyi's tribesman, the qwrbrltzzz people, they will move around, trip over stones. these stones are magical kkaes, they have special powers, they make sure that u FALL ASLEEP. yes! u have found the cure for insomnia, no need to count sheeps le, do they realli work? work equals distance times force, counting sheeps involve no force and distance, of course it does not work lars.

think i should stop for a while, this is wave one of attacks, i will be back, anw, here's a little something for all of you muggers out there,

this is a conversation between a mum and his son

Mum: Son, if you help me wash the car this week, i give you 10 dollars, if you help me wash the car next week, i give you 20 dollars, sounds like a good deal to you?

Son: i will wash your car next week then

Ministry of Crapsterology,
Minister Bernard Chua

For the people passionate about crap =)

Sunday, June 05, 2005



a demonstration, duh! no captions needed, really

Anti-zongyi-koalabear sentiments erupted yesterday as demonstrators spilled into the streets of zongroom, donning pro-australian wear and some armed with boomerangs. The angry mob protested infront of a wall, demanding Zongyi-koala bear inequality.

Zongyi-koalabear sentiments reached an all time low this week for no obvious reasons. Or maybe because of various passing remarks made i-forgot-when, such as:

goree (name changed protect the privacy of the individual)
11:50 AM May 28, 2005 IP 21:154
zongyi is a kualabear. hehehe. (:

demonstrators attempting to burn an effigy of zongyi

The riot threatened to turn violent as the angry mob attempted to burn an effigy of ZONGYI as they were bored.

Luckily the protest quickly came to a dramatic end after a few minutes as an elite wombat-dinosaur-legomen crowd control team and some powerful maternal force quickly dispersed the mob.

blah blah, note evidence of zongyi's poor literary taste at the top right hand corner

In relevant news, CHIN ZONG YI claims to have proven zongyi-koalabear inequality, which could end the koala violence.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

hey people. happy mugging and slacking. anyway, i made a skin. go see and comment.
preview (in new window)
it's not very refined. something is not quite right. give some suggestions k? :)


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