Monday, February 28, 2005

no matter what, we're one


hmm sorry i know this is a little late, but its better than never at all... i'm not exactly good at words, but i'll just try my best...

dear 78-ers, i must say that the past 2 months we shared have been extremely memorable, from the cheering and screaming during orientation amazing race to the champs of the preliminary rounds of debate and the fighting for the 1000 bucks of the virtual business challenge. i wouldnt say it's the best time of my life, but its definitely one of the better ones. you guys are fun, crappy, and simply nice to be with, and i'm happy to have known every single one of you. all of you have left footprints in my life, and now part of my heart belongs to all of you (:

i know clearly that for the past two months, i wasnt really a good friend or classmate. i've been irritating, noisy and insensitive, and i thank you for being able to tolerate the nonsense i've created. fortunately or unfortunately, you might not be able to see me after the Os results are released. of course, i hope i can stay, but if "circumstances" doesnt allow me to do so, it cant really be helped.

it's quite sad actually. whenever i think of the possibility of a few of us leaving, i cant help but feel depressed. seven eight would no longer be seven eight if half the class is gone. everyone of us is indispensable, cos every single one of us is simply unique, and that makes 78 so special. i cant imagine the "78" without zeying's bubbliness, andy's act-funny-ness, chiehhwee's blurness, zongyi's lameness, timothy's slackiness, chuanyuan's metrosexiness [???], stef's dao-ness, cihan's happiness etc etc etc. if i were to write about every single one of you i'm afraid i wouldnt be able to sleep tonight. and i want to sleep. i want to be in my best condition tomorrow, so that i can cry [tears of joy or sadness] all i want.

sigh. i dont really know what to say now, but im extremely unconfident about my o level results. i just hope that tomorrow everyone would be satisfied with their results... ok so for now, i'll just wish every single one of you all the best! no matter what happens, you'll always be in my heart :)


oh btw jts just now rocked. :D

Sunday, February 27, 2005

im feeling damn high

im feeling damn high.. must be coz im listening to this veh nice song called shine by mr big.. or maybe it is the pre-Olevels-results-release tension. as a result of feeling high i tend to do rash things, like blogging on the class blog.. im inspired by zongyi's blog entry, but nono... im not gonna blog about everyone.. ahha..

i think wishing good luck is kinda cliched at moments like this. coz it's like everywhere i go, people are saying good luck. however, good luck's realli important in stuff like this, especially if it involves sending stuff over to other countries. imagine, while sending the papers to Britain for the anglo-saxons to mark the plane crash and all the papers drop into the sea; or maybe ur papers got detached frm one another when handling it, and u lost one whole page of answers that may constitute alot of marks leh; or maybe the marker spilt coffee over ur answers and cant see wad u write leh? nth is impossible, impossible is nth.. so that means something is possible, and possible is something, which makes sense. therefore the proposition is true. and thus, i feel that it is necessary to wish everyone out there good luck even if it might sound cliched.


ahah.. issit too crappy above? im not intending to take part in the LOTC competition. i mean, competition isnt everything rite.. as long as crap is entertaining, its a piece of fine crap. so yeah, i will leave all the piranhas out there to snatch the LOTC trophy.. oops.. i mean the lobsters, prawns, crabs, tingfus and other sea creatures.. but not piranhas, coz they are frm rivers where they eat young birds which fall into the river and tear em apart into pieces. yup. thats precisely why i refuse to take part in the LOTC competition. thus, im gna be relatively serious now..

everyone of us, well at least most of us, had had a parting approximately three months ago. not side parting, centre partings, or wadever partings on the hair, but just partings literally. partings are sad, painful and usually hard to bear.. especially with people whom u have known for quite a long period of time.. for example three mths? two years? well.. since partings are quite sad, it's my utmost wish that the present class will remain as it is, just like how this house believes that the motion 05S78 will stand firm and will nvr be demolished.

however, people may still leave this family of s78. i wun be nonchalent or indifferent towards them leaving, but i will wish them all the best in wadever path they take. may it be a different jc or a different subject combination, all the best dude/gal.. go for wad u want, if not u will regret in time to come.. personally, im really hoping i will be able to stay in hci.. and more specifically s78. not 06s78, 07s78, but 05s78.. but.. no matter wad, even if we may go different ways.. probably a few years down the road when we meet on the streets we can like reminisce and talk 'bout stuff over a cup of stuff like wad zongyi said, yeah?

oh btw if theres a meaningful-blog-entry competition i think zongyi's entry would have won hands down. that was one marvellous entry. =)

O'levels results will be released on monday. i guess thats kinda retarded of me to mention it coz everyone knows it liao. and i know some people are freaking out over O'levels results, like cihan. people are just strange beings. we tell ourselves that theres nth we can do even if we worry; no point crying over spilt milk; things that happened cannot be undone. but who really cares? im sure that deep down in the hearts of people - whether big or small, healthy or unhealthy, red or black, warm or cold - theres a tinge of paranoia and uneasiness lurking in some remote corner. i guess it's alright to be worried about Os, although theres practically nth u can do. however why kill brain cells over depression due to Os results? we still have bio lecture test coming up right? haha yup. theres better stuff to waste brain cells on..

i dun have the immense stamina of bernard, and a vocab like zongyi's to boast of. i think im ending my entry pretty soon, sooner than nee soon. budden b4 that, i shall use one word that suits every single person in s78 in my opinion =).. i know that my english isnt realli proficient, so i may use some nouns or something else to describe.. zongyi, pls dun tell me to go to that website teaching the proper use of english.

chieh hwee .. tweety
weixuan .. superman
hsing yu .. gentleman ""
zongyi .. koala
bernard .. perspiration
timothy .. comedian
faqeehah .. 281
fukan .. brainy
stephanie.. intimidating
vincent .. shades
cihan .. dark
li min .. gargantuan REALLY THAT BAD--LIMIN
chuan yuan .. metro...
andy .. sick, lame and corny - oops.. thats three words
delin .. tutorials
tingfu .. armagaeddon
biondi .. bionic .. err.. jk.. nice's the word
kim .. cute ( not the definition of "cute" in the oxford dictionary which is adorable but ugly )
isabelle .. ding-dong
huiwen .. noise
nicholas .. hiphop
glorijoy .. caring
wenqi .. notes
zeying .. lively
yingying .. white
zhuxuan .. seafood.

ahha! it's kinda hard thinking of one word for each person. u can go figure the hidden meaning of some of the words. i think i really like every single one of U alot. U haf been good classmates. U haf given me memories to remember forever. U make life seem so interesting. U make me look forward to every single schoolday. Ure a bunch of warm, friendly people. Thank U. :)

with that, i end this entry. have a nice day.

-- ur corniest, coolest, crappiest element. N3oDyMium.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

read my blog

guys and gals, read my blog and see what i haf written for u guys kkaes, everyone of u!!! lotsa lucks for mondae!!thanks for being in s78, u guys totally rocked my world

-comrade bernardo-

my first post!

hey my fellow classmates..thought it'd be apt to post something since results are gonna be out on monday. just wanted to say that the past 2 months have been memorable, with all the fun and crap that we had. i'd like to thank you people for giving me these memories, which i'll take with me wherever i go. i'm too lazy to do personal shout-outs to everyone, prob do one at the end of 3 months, but for now, a huge thank you to those special people who've made the past weeks so much more enjoyable for me. you prob know who you are..thanks a million and i love you all! no matter where we end up after the first 3 months, i hope that 05s78 will continue to keep in touch and remain as friends. oh yar. good luck for monday!

- cihan


Hey everyone, Zongyi here.

In a few days, we would all get our o'level results back, and we would have a rough idea of where we would be able to go to after three months. Yep, that irritatingly huge pinata hanging over our heads would finally drop and whether it cracks open and makes us happy, assuming candy makes everyone happy, or cracks our heads, well, we shall see.

Almost two months has passed, although orientation feels like yesterday. And seriously, i'm beginning to doubt that 50+ days have actually passed. No, wait maybe 50 days is believable, i remember stuff, like our really funky orientation item that i still do not understand, our class cheers, our class outing (note singular nouneh welfare reps), singing birthday songs, laoing yu sheng and lots of stoning at the class bench and other miscellaneous activities and lame games, though its really fuzzy. And i'm sure you guys will treasure these memories too, after all, they're either amusing, interesting or just memorable. I'm sure i will miss something eventually, just as i miss the monochrome idiocy at The Chinese High.

Regardless of what happens later, 05s78 (first three months beta version) will be branded onto my brain (like the chinese saying). And its not the school, the orientation, or the damn sian lessons, but rather, you guys, my classmates who will leave the deepest impression (of course, i'll remember you seniors and cca mates too lar, but it just seemed nice to say that). After two months of nomadic schooling with you guys, i'm beginning to feel rather attached to 05s78, you guys are a fun and affectionate bunch of people. I'm also starting to feel regretful and sorry that i've not really been very enthusiastic in the past 50 days, you know stoning around stuff, blame it on sianzilla the moronic personification of sianzness, with cheeky laughter! Or maybe its just the dull-coloured school with its sian brown, blue and red railings, tell me who wouldn't go high and a fun sort of crazy in a school splashed with bright neon colours. Well, i digress, i'm sorry and i will try, note try, to be more enthusiastic so we can all have a more memorable experience of the "first three months", yeah? Unless of course, the pinata cracks my head and i have to spend the rest of my life moping and wallowing in self-pity.

And regardless of what happens later, if people leave and such (choi) i do hope that we can remain as friends and keep in touch. And that even if we meet in the streets, not as classmates, you would still come up to me and say "Hey, Zongyi, remember me so-and-so let's go catch up and reminisce over a cup of stuff."

And seniors, cca mates and friends from other classes, you guys rock too! But this is a class blog ya?

Here's some more stuff:
(not arranged in any particular order, i copied the chunk from the contact list, too lazy to type)

Stephanie Koh
Hey owner of really cute dogs and basketballer, must say you've been really cool collecting money as class treasurer, helping me with physics experiments and letting us use your house for an outing, you're very helpful, thoughtful and reliable everywhere. Hope you'll continue to stay on in 05s78, no wait, actually i hope that everyone will continue to stay on in 05s78 yeah so i shan't type it 26 times k?

Tan Zeying
Hey basketballer erm assistant CT rep, you've been really friendly, kind and fun since day one, actually i can't really remember so let us assume day one shall we, and you don't really hesitate to poke fun at my masculinity when the opportunity arises.

Bah, i'm getting tired of putting in "basketballer" into each comments, so whoever thinks that he or she is good in basketball, please think that i do too.

This is harder than i thought it would be, i'm only 2 down the list, i'm now considering whether i should only comment on classmates who i think are more likely to read this.

But it just isn't nice.

Li Min
Hey li min, you're always quite quiet, you should talk more, can improve your english or improve our chinese! I also think that you're a rather curious person just be careful not to kill the cat aye?

Vincent Lam
Ah my favourite Hong Kong skalz, you've been fun and amusing, especially around pink stuff like shoe laces and chicken shaped bean bags, can continue teaching me cool chinese proverbs and cantonese insults?

Ang Weixuan
Yo gay, hm actually i don't think you're that much of a gay in some aspects, can you say make a wish minus "u", haha. So "gay" as in happy sort of gay, well you're always very open, cheerful and approachable and probably the only chinese orchestra and string ensemble member who can outrun a huge bunch of people and paint a quality chicken.

Dammit, still so long to go, i shouldn't have started.

Nicholas Tan
Hey nick, remember the life appreciation club, yeah, its important to slow down to enjoy the finer aspects of life sometimes, and i think that you're really helpful and cool, though i really think that you should cut down on the jay chou mumbling and sometimes appreciate lameness as opposed to coolness, like team name as opposed to all stars, haha.

Andy Lim
Hey crazy pull-ups, gym enthusiast, you're corny and the sounds you make are hilarious if not interesting. It was fun going to donate blood with you and seeing a weaker side behind the muscles and loud laughter as the nurse forced you to lie down because you were too pale.

Sorry if the entries get shorter down the list, i'm sleepy.

Lin Delin
Ha mugger! I suppose you're used to hearing that kind of stuff now, actually i secretly admire focused people but i admire focused people who know when and how to have fun more. So delin, as much as studying is fun to you don't burn yourself out k? Oh, and i like the way you are able to drag stuff like speeches on and on, like the cambrian explosion, hehe.

Biondi Phua
Hey, remember "hybrid" owned you guys in hangman that time didn't i. haha. I think you're a cool guy with a large amount of confidence and appetite for bananas. You're fun to be with, except that you are easily affected when you see other people mugging.

Bah, note that i prefer to leave out academics, nasty stuff if you ask me.

Timothy Chua
Oei, slacker! I think its you're so slack that you are lame in a funny sort of way. Ha but seriously, you're really comfortable and amusing to hang out with. At least someone agrees with me that energy should be put where it is due, but atleast try to not mix up the names of your classmates right haha.

This stuff makes me think about meeting people and why we have do not meet them earlier, fate sure

dammit i sound poetic i must be really tired.

Low Ting Fu

Hey Tian Fu, haha, it seems lots of people call you that, you're a very amiable and dedicated person. Actually, your personality reminds me of the serial killers from a discovery channel documentary i watched that day, haha just joking. Crap i must be really tired.

ARGH, SO MUCH MORE and my vocab is drying up.

Ang Chieh Hwee
Hello blurqueen! has the golden letter informing you of your 12 a1s been delivered to your door yet? You're very friendly, seemingly gentle, as in non-violent, and funny, as in fun to "bully" haha. Have you sorted out your qing di's yet? My last count was 5.

Yang Ying Ying
Hey Ying^2, you're a very quiet but as in a gentle, sweet kind of quiet, though you're still very affable and easy to talk with.

David Chen
Contacts! Contacts! Hey how's the street magic going, should show me your tricks more, someday i will unravel all of them like your 5 cards one haha. You're very amusing, keep up the lameness ya?

Chin Zong Yi
And here's Zong Yi. Hey Zong yi, you rule.

Tan Hui Wen
Yo dude, ok lar, i acknowledge the fact that there might be a tiny shimmer of feminity within you and that i hope that one day you might find it, meanwhile, stop gaying wu yue tian! Haha. You're active and outgoing, though sometimes, not constructively, heh, but your noisy antics make the class more lively and interesting.

Hey Faqeehah, you're kind and cordial though i think you should not be too concerned about what others put in their stomachs... no wait, according to "bangau oh bangau" a stomachache can have troubling consequences, such as tall cranes and fishes that swim in the water.

Lee Ci Han
Hello my Jovial friend who laughs alot, you know Chuan Yuan did give out presents on valentine's day, so does that mean $5? Anyway, you're a rather ticklish and good-humoured which makes you fun to be with.

Isabelle Soh
Hi bell, you're very sociable and fun. However, you should stop trying to turn the class guys feminine, you should leave Vincent and Wei Xuan alone, aren't you too old to be playing with dolls? And contrary to your belief, a healthy daily diet of television and solitaire does not mean that i have no life.

Brain lubricant is leaking through my nose, my content is degenerating into crap.

Bernard Chua
Здравствуйте comrade stalin, great leader of s.h.o.s. i would recommend you a good doctor to treat your schizophrenia if you would stop screaming to summon Russian crack troops on me everytime i suggest to you that you have schizophrenia. Your "Bernard" personality however, is very affable and enthusiastic, its actually fun coming up with retarded stuff like S.H.O.S with you.

Tan Wen Qi
Hey Wen Qi, i think its good that you did not join lion dance, its a really irritating cca. You know looking at you it would be hard to believe that you are in canoing and able to debate so well and forcefully and run so fast. Aside from the debating and running, you're a nice, helpful person.

See, in my sianzed-until-stupid state, i'm repeating lots of crap.

Kimberle Shen
Hey Kimberle, you're very cheerful and congenial, are you capable of frowning at all? Hm, that sounds crappy. Well, your name always reminds me of Pink Ranger, you know power rangers? MIGHTY MORPHINE POWER RANGERS! Heehee, morphine. Blame Kelvin Ng for suggesting it in the first place.

Zhu Xuan
Hi Zhu "write" Xuan, i think you have some serious seafood issues, seriously, too much crab cannot be good for you, high in cholestrol, and maybe if you take crab uncooked you might get Hepatitis A, is it? I dunno, but you're quite reserved and mellow but that doesn't stop you from crapping does it?

Glorijoy Tan
Hey Glorijoy, you're cool girl, and beneath the coolness (heh) you're also nice and caring. Stay in strings k? Its really just sitting down in an air-con room, holding a piece of wood and staring at the conductor.

Lim Chuan Yuan
Dear morally upright CT rep, you rock, i appreciate the way you try to keep the class punctual for lessons and the way you help inform us of administrative stuff and on the other hand i also appreciate your funny laugh and how you sometimes remind me of the cymbal-clanging-monkey-toy. And oh, stay with the metrosexualness, the Brazilian waxing, facials, manicures and etc. give you a nice complexion.

Team Name
We rock, in a non-hostile and pointlessly supreme manner that is no threat to anyone else's pride and wellbeing. So please do not retort this statement.

That sure took long enough. A gentle riddance.

And i leave you all with a quote:
"If a man is a fool, you don't train him out of being a fool by educating him. You merely turn him into a trained fool, ten times more dangerous."
Desmond Bagley.

Well, good luck for o'level results everyone! You too zongyi.

Wow, this post is actually quite long.

Friday, February 25, 2005

chs uniform

any chs guys who happened to pick up an extra chs shirt pls return it to me.. thanks..


Thursday, February 24, 2005


ok. i'm organising a stupid competition here. cos i'm really freakingly bored and this place is getting stagnant. guess the IT rep has to do something to liven up the place a little. so here it goes.

Annual Competition, Stupid [aka. ACS :P]


- the return of the lobster [ROTL]

period: 24 February 2005 - 5 March 2005
how to sign up: just crap/crab/prawn/lobster an entry here. make it as long as you can.
panel of judges: IT rep plus some other people
brought to you by IT REP 2005. Lord of the Crap, Loads of Crap :D

mirrorz mirrorz onz ze wallz, whoz ze lobsteriest of themz allz

okies hi, before we start yet another exciting round of lobstering, let's lay down some ground rules and state some facts


so, now we have some exciting seafood dishes coming up, first up is the lobster of cos, then there is this little prwn and a newly discovered species of seafood, or organism, call tingfu, yuppies, so lobster has pincers so lobster goes first.

lobstering is actually something rather farn to do, what exactly is lobstering, what are its origins, it actually originated in the ancient province of china, in the year of 234q5hnretkq nian. yups so there is this crab, who started crapping but think she is crabbing instead of crapping, so the prawn came and asked the crab, can i crab too? but the crab saes u r a prawn, u cannot crab, u shud prawn. so the lobster came and saed, if crabs do crabbing, and prawns do prawning, then lobster do lobstering. Somtimes u wonder why people go clubbing also, y nort hearting, spading or even diamonding? rites, some food for thought. so now, the prawn shall be served up steaming hot with salad sauce..

ok. im gonna start prawning! alright the prawn reminds me of bio o' levels - which is my birthday last year!!! 10 november! everyone must remember ok!! and it's yingying's birthday too! so sad. now it's only february. 9 more months to our birthday. oh ya! and you noe sth, my time of birth is 2310 (1110) -- same as my birthdate! wahhahah so cool rite. =D okok la. this is very out of point. the belle just rang. oh! the bell just rang. see the difference? i dun! hahaha. ok.

a pin was found near us juz now, guess wad its a pin---hole ---camera!!!hmmm i wonder wad they r taking ? i think they r taking bc. fyi bc is before christ, but in 78 terms it is the 2nd and 3rd term of abcd. honestly i only idolize 1 person, dan brown. u know wad da vinci said? guess wad i forgot, sorry jz j/k i din really forget. juz trying to bat ur appetite. he said: Ignorance do the masses. O wretched mortals open your eyes! this is his comment on the church.marymagdalene rox not our bio lecturer!!!!

now that the new species have fnished placing a share of his own on the seafood meal. i shall put a conclusion, crabs are bad for health, cos too oily and stuff, u heard of black pepper chilli crab and what, i dunnoe, bu crabs are very detrimental for health, however, lobster shows superiority in the crustaceans kingdom, cos gort BEEG pinsers, yups. so what happens when a crab tries to fight a lobster, the lobster wins. actually have u wondered, y issit lobster? nort freekickster, goalkickster or chipster, i think this part onli football lurvers know rites, yups, so some food for thought. rmb, crabs are bad.DETRIMENTAL

Monday, February 21, 2005

Happy Belated to Tingfu n Happy Birthday to Faqeehah. Hope u enjoyed ur bdaes. =)

good news and bad

there's good news and bad news. which would you like to heard first?

well, here's the good news.

VBC's scheme team's PI has increased by over 200points within the last period! -cheers

and here's the bad news.

we're still last. with a PI of 12.something. yes, laugh all you want.

BUT. this is what you've all been waiting for. the bestest news of all.

team name is no longer in the lead! MWAHAHA. oh well. all in the name of fun guys. peace out. (:

Sunday, February 20, 2005

i made a skin!

hey ppl, i made a skin for our blog, it's white based. i'm just inspired to make this after seeing the paul&joe cosmetic site. i think their packaging and designs are unique (the clothes otherwise). i admit it's a little girly, but it's nice i think. at least not too typical. i spent a lot of time on it (ok, like 1 day only). hope you like it! (though i dont expect the e guys to think it's very nice). if you cant see the words clearly, try lowering your screen's brightness or increasing the contrast
see it at

realli just an aptitude test?

srp test today is totally hardcore.

the first thing i heard when i reach NUS is that the test will be full of A' levels stuff. crap lor i haven even covered one quarter of the stuff we're supposed to learn fer A'levels ( at least thats wad i think ). oh wad a morale booster. glori and steff was already there when i reach with zongyi. stoned there for quite long b4 the test. the test itself is crazy lar..

firstly, quite a few chemistry qns require u to memorise the periodic table inside out. some questions ask stuff like beryllium, krpyton, einsteinium. wad kinda crap is this man. however, it's the easiest section..

secondly, physics is worse lar k.. test on wad, angular velocity, gravity, light shining on metal can result in currents?!?!?!.. forget it man..

thirdly, i think im lousy lar.. i chose test 8, which includes phy chem and maths. when i finish 50 qns on chem and physics i haf 5 mins left to do 25 maths qns. in the end i did onli ONE question. hope everyone act smart try to do the tuff tuff qns, then get negative score.. then pple like me who attempted one qn and get it correct can get one of e highest fer that section.. hope.. haha..

good luck for all who went for the srp selection test. i noe i cant make it liao..

-- gnom gnoy mil

Friday, February 18, 2005


I admit I'm not as good as crappers like Bernard, Zhu Xuan or Chieh Hwee. Just want to add to our class blog's participation. Went to other classes blog and ours ROCKS man. It's like the best of the best. (I will still say this even if i wasn't fortunate enough to be a member of 05s78).

It's the mosquito breding season in my house. got more than 8 bites on my face alone...and counting. Wow!! Donated so much blood to build so many little lives. Anyway, really wanted to donate blood. But on seeing Glori's pale face after 2.4km run, i'm starting to have 2nd thoughts... Maybe when I'm of adequete weight then see lor.

The sch's height and weight scale is soooo wrong. I take myself at home i'm a whopping 1cm taller!! not sure whether i've stopped growing or not. Coz thoughout sec sch the height in my record book is fake. I tiptoed. oh, i've also calculated the avg height of the girls in our class. Since the height scale got negative zero error, i added about 2cm to everyone's height. So the avg height is....165cm!!! Looking at my health booklet, this is about 90% percentile. wah lao lor. I'm like struggling to be above 10% la. this is wayyyyyy above the avg height of girls our age, which is around 159cm.

tsk...missed the hip hop dance session by hnf today. so sad so sad. Are we still going to have a class dance?? -kim

Thursday, February 17, 2005

No Title Blog

hi, this my first time here ( i know this is like vey off). But must consider my 56K at home. Cannot sit in front of my computer to CRAB and waste hard-earned money. Then i am not as free as jh or zx to go library and crap( CCAs making me breathless but i won't ignite and explode haha...). Anyway i got support our blog not so bad lah. Hope u all accept my apologies.
this time round, i decided to waste my parent's money and contribute something. Seeing our IT rep and Blog master~~nd and many of u all so enthu, i feel quite bad not writing anything. Later everyone will just say i mug mug mug mug mug and only mug. But no loh, i am just 0.0000000000001%more concerned with some of u. So pls be merciful, don't say i am a mugger and very presurising to you.
My CCA got Interact and u know what.....interaction should mean you talk i talk. But i talk to the autistic children but get no responses from them. This is so sad loh. i mean for them. They don't seem to understand me also. Aiyah must really learn from the teachers over there( they are so pro, can communicate with them). Anybodyinterested in this job? zx and jh may want to consider, coz u all can crap so much......then can show ur crapping skills and motivate them to say " STOP ALL THESE CRAPS". They may just become normal kids again......hooray! At least this is contibution to society as compared to the "club"( i am very sure is club.....not gun, knife, pistol, sword or parang).
Rumours say O' level results released sooon.....anyone very confident? Wish eveybody can get good results and stay here in HCJC.
Ok, i shall end my first entry with three cheers for....................guess who......not a teacher.....not the whole myself!!Remember i am not a typical mugger, ok.


man in the...chicken mask.

funky chick.

extreme makeover.

nic and zongyi going insane.

laoing yusheng.

caught in the act

debate: THBT ecoterrorism does more good than harm to the green movement

S77 VERSUS S78. best speaker, stephieko. (:

fire drilll

scrambling people.

seniors laoing yusheng.

glori and kim after running around the sprinklers.

pretty sunflowers at macpherson.

VIDEOS: absolute chao: 05S78 laoing yusheng. AND 04S78 laoing yusheng. (: [you need realplayer.]



oh!!!!!! its raining. after many many sweltering days (glori says its 5 MILLION YEARS) *ding!* 'the welfare room loans umbrellas. This announcement is brought to you by the 327th stewdents kouncil [president quuuaaannnn yyuuuaaaannn]. your welfare, confirm care.' (:

gloree: ANYWAY as i was saying. i AM SO SSAD.
ze: why?
glori: BECAUSE out stupid vbc results are like SO LAN. *dies*
ze: *forced laughter*
gloree: walau. this is damn sad. i can't believe TEAM NAME got like so high. -.-
ze: dont be sad. let me tell u a joke. but first, let me tell u a secret.
gloree: ??
ze: i love U i love U i love U so much....
gloree: O__________________O *secretly elated*
ze: and i love all the other alphabets too *dies of laughter*

we need to go for CIP now! (: we are so ons man. gloree will upload pictures tonight. ahem. till then, ciao. (:

WITH LURVE. ze. and her cool friend. (ze is puking)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

64th entry ((:

yeah people! this is the 64th entry already. which means that everyone has blogged an average of 2.5 entries already! yay!

oh well. mayday linjunjie jaychou and yanzi rock!

and yeah - needa ask everyone. do you all want a song to be played on the blog?

Hail the great jiehui-zhuxuan partnership!!!

Oh mans, just read zhuxuan and jiehui's super long crappy article, i almost died on the floor, shouldn't have gave up my computer to them, and they are so slack lar, shud be mugging in library rites, come to library and crap, tsktsk, bad behaviour, please dun learn from them, but as the daes goes by, we continue in our great and gruelling search fro the crappiest crapper, or in zhuxuan terms, the crabbiest crabber or the prawniest prawner, i shall give another entry under my name, Bernard the great!!!

Todae i almost died in school lars, the tok about fire drill made me tremble at the slightest whisper of it. Yes, it is he, yes, HAGRID, can't u feel its prescence?Well u could be super blind if u cannot feel his PRESENCE!!! and i mean PRESCENCE, not PRESENTS, well u can see and touch both but there is a super big difference, u all shud noe. and i mean real BIG, huge big or large, but BIG, like GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS and hmmm...and BULKY especially, oh yar and found this real damn cool word. VOLUMINOUS. please learn to use, its V-O-L-U-M-I-N-O-U-S. Yup, it just means big actually. actually i think i am kindda mean to tok about hagrid, he is such a nice harry potte character afterall rites? but he just threatens my life, i cannot help it. That thick barrel of precious oil he keeps WITH himself, never leaving him, it slows down his movement lars and yar, its super flammable. He toks with like huge long draggy words, but i am afraid if she drags it too long. He would use all his residual air, and then his body will have a lack of oxygen, then before he takes another breath, he has nort enough oxygen and energy, so the heart has to pump harder, and faster to push more blood around. His muscles will incur oxygen debt and carry out anaerobic respiration, then will have lactic acid accumulation, which is toxic lors!! but must rmb LACTIC ACID CAN BURN. Then gylcogen will convert into glucose to supply more enrgy, so u get more lactic acid cos gort more anaerobic respiration. then like that the liver work to convert the glycogen to glucose, then the liver will generate HEAT. Then after that, the condition does not get better, so heat is produced, so sweat pores open to cool down, then vasodilation occurs(not much use, imagine the BARRIER present, how can any heat escape). So when all these measures have been taken, maximum heat removal is achieved, but the heat generation continues, so he starts to overheat, then manual methods like pouring water will have minimal effect. So we now have two essential items and a catalyst for a fire to happen. lots of fats, heat and lactic acid. So it just takes an ignition. Ignition is important part also, it determines whether its a spontatneous internal human combustion or a external human combustion. if some stupid guy plaes static electricity in class, we are gonna get fried, if someone lights a fire or whatsoever, magnetic electric field. He will just blow up. BLOW UP. I bet he can burn longer then the sun and shine even brighter then the sun, then maybe pluto will have life, u will probably see all the planet's ice cap melting lars, even the sun.When it blows up, it would be worse than an atomic bomb. maybe closer to a nuclear warhead detonation. the sheer force triggered will sweep through the city like a wave, glass shattering and uprooting every single thing in its wae. then people will die, all living organisms, they turn green, their skin burnt and they just melt into gooey green stuff. No one will survive the impact, our fellow Martians can still feel the impact which could even destroy their population. The entire solar system may even be lost, because the heat destroys everything, just tearing everything apart. and if u still rmb, it all started with dragging words? Now u noe the consequences so please take precautions, but seriously, there isn't much we could do but just to suffer in daily fear of being fried in silence. nothing we do can stop its effects if it happens, its too terrible, too cruel.

Still reading?dun worry this wouldn't kill like how hagrid would.lets tok about crab now, let's crab, u stretch out ur left arm, ur right arm, and open ur legs apart, then u imagine u r a crab and u do the crab dance! imagine u have eight legs, like the spider, then u walk sideways, oh yar, pull ur eyes out so they stand up on the head separately. then u try walking into the sea, find a fish, and eat it, of u find another crab, then u fight, pinser fight, see whose claws cracks apart first. Or maybe be trendy follow survivor, dig a hole and stay in it, see how long u can survive without being caught by humans alive, the last on standing wins the game!Or u can compare the hardness of ur shell, with diamond, or get a gun and shoot through than shell, i wonder if its bulletproof. what about a prawn, prawn cannot live on land,boohoohoo, they die on land, boohoohoo, but we have one thing in common, we breathe in a diatomic element called? give u a clue, start with o one, molecular mass is 2 times 16, 8 protons, OXYGEN, yeah u r clever, so 8 electrons rites, so its 1s2 2s2 2p4 yups, electronic shells and orbits, whatever. Isn't oxygen so nice, u breathe it everydae,donch u, damn nice, once u start, u cannot stop. just like pringles. maybe we shouldn't crab or prawn, we can lobsteR? let's go lobstering, sounds so farn, instead of like the normal crabbing and prawning, lobstering, clay fishing also can.

have u ever wondered, why is it clay fishing? why not gravel fishing, or sand fishing or pebble fishing?maybe cause clay can be transported around the water?must go check the hjulstrom curve, clay is so fine some more, like when the weather is fine, so if clay is fine, then we go clay fishing with clay lors, since he is fine with it, so we go clay fsihing lors. But is clay is fine, gel and wax aren't fine, they dun like clay, different breed, always quarrel with each other, dun want to have win-win situation, gort territory or good lobang must shareshare one rites?I dun understands why they cannot live in harmony.Must be like switzerland, germans french romansh and italians, they form the willensnation, then clay gel and wax can also form three cantons then they can unite together to form a guo jia, then they protect their country must gort national education ah, economy ah, defence ah, social, civil ah and pyschological. Just like total defence, and its really total lors, cover EVERY aspect of defense, but they certainly missed out self defense, so super important lors. tsktsk, the minister must review his policies, teach wrong thing later very bad for mental health one lars. Then hor when they clay gel and wax go bao wei guo jie, then left all the fish, so they slack around and drink water lors, water also quite nice, its so TASTELESS, new flavour lehz, i bet u nvr tried before lors. but its taste is super nice, like oxygen, so PLAIN, so damn nice. its like the crem de la crem.hahas, so are u dead?rolling on the floor le mahz?

If u haven't died, u certainly must have drunk lots of water rites? breathed in lots of oxygen. and have u ever wondered why we drink water drink liquids, cannot drink computer or drink watch or drink solid? u see, we can gulp air and gas just like we gulp water and liquid. its totally unfair, no equality, then they will c themselves with different identities, then bound to have conflicts, cos they have a history of disagreements le, so later liquid and gas fight solid, then maybe plasma want to come and help solid. the gas can just dissolve into the liquid lors, then u c double vision, then to keep the liquid u must shoot two times, cos gort two lifes within one body.

argh....i am dieing le, super late at night le, still trying to make this huge contribution to the class blog competition, i hope we win, caused i put in very little effort onli, u shud do ur part also, like in national service, must do ur part and fight for ur country, so what u waiting for, if u want to live in this lovely peacful country called singapore, fight! go orhcard ah, school ah, toilet also can, just fight, dunnoe u want to fight with who, fight urself, anyone, but dun fight hagrid, dun make him move too much, later bad for our entire living world, then hor its nort does more harm than good or does more good than harm, its just does harm. rmb!! HARM, its a negative word, like minus one u noe? so when u divide by it u must rmb to change the inequalities, if u logging it u must modulars to make it positive first, then u log both sides, then u can do the equation, rmb ah, if p1 is ture and pk is true, p k+1 is true, no wait, must write my mathematical induction, MI also can, short form, short form too little space to write things, get a long form then gort blank space to write what u want to write.....and oh wait, forgot to write my big name, now this big is like large and huge, not the gigantic one, so yups, use in correct context please!!

Bernardo Limkopi-o
Leonardo Di Caprio

i wanna blog

i am blogging.

blog.. blog..

i just blogged!!

=) wx

we are serious. very serious.

black -- zhuxuan
blue -- chieh hwee

we have an announcement to make. we are going to get very serious today. and yeah, that's good news to everyone right? you know what? in order to celebrate this occasion, let's have some entertainment. and here goes:
alright man. so i am very serious now. -frowns- let's talk about serious stuff. according to the online dictionary, the definition of "serious" is to be grave in quality or manner, and the definition of "stuff" is the material out of which something is made or formed; substance. (okay actually the dictionary churned out alot of definitions for stuff, but after some serious discussion, we decided that this is the most serious stuff to be put on the net.) -tries desperately to be serious-
hey, what do you mean when you say you have to try to be serious? i mean, aren't we born naturally serious and sane and rational? yes. i've been meaning to say that for a very long time. Everyone (EVERYONE!) has been having that stupid and absurd and ridiculous and atrocious and presposterous misconception that we are the opposite. this is discrimination! this is injustice! and we want something to be done about it. so all those audiences out there, please play a part! Join the zx-and-jiehui-are-very-serious-association! Quick, join now, while stocks last!
Oh my goodness. hrmm wad zx-and-jiehui-are-very-serious-association! i din noe that i was in this association! im so honoured to be in it! oh well. okay i think zx is trying to get into her serious mood now (so that she can write some more serious stuff for you pple). but i cannot take it liao. this is far too serious. =X
you know what? i think Jiehui can no longer sustain her serious mood for another sad. to think that i thought that she was truly serious. so sad.
yar. actually it's quite sad la. so now, there's no more of that association anymore! =/ sobs. so those who wanted to join it, too bad! don't be too disappointed. you can try again next year.
don't listen to her. i'm still in the association and i'll support it till the last day of my life. (though i may have to adjust the name of the association slightly). but don't worry jh! you can rejoin anytime you want!!!! sobz, i have long known that we'll come to this day...the day that we shall friend, don't be upset...if fate allows, we shall all meet again. and when we do, let's bring our wonderful association to greater heights. one of these days, we'll make our names known, we'll do our family, our nation, our planet and most importantly ourselves proud. yes, and we'll all remember that it is this day, this very day that the association was set up! REMEMBER, IT'S 16TH OF FEB 2005, 4.53PM! IT'S IMPORTANT!!!!
zhuxuan! you're so nice! it's such a comfort to know that i can still return to the association! i'm so touched! :) alright. now back to the less serious talk. so i shall start crapping! (you mean you haven't been doing that for the last 15 minutes? then what were you doing? Prawning? instead of crabbing?)
-___- whatever la. now i shall start the official (you mean mine is illegal?) crabbing. =D let me talk about the weather today. currently, im in the library, seated in front of computer C4, with the sign "Remember to LOG OFF after use" pasted on the wall. the weather? oh ya. thanks for reminding me. it's quite sunny, with a few clouds floating by in the sky. nice weather, i'll say. i think the temperature in the library should be way below room temperature, approximately 20 degrees celcius. especially with the cold (not that cool cool "cold", but the lame lame "cold") zhuxuan sitting next to me, i think i feel like i'm in antarctica now. which makes me think of the cute penguins there! hahaha. don't you think penguins are so cute? i think they are! but quite sad la. they're birds, but they can't fly! just put yourself in the shoes of the following examples: a car that cannot be driven (like what's the point right!!!), a tap that cannot be turned on, a refrigerator without a cooling system.. it's so sad, isn't it? ya lor, that's why i think penguins are so pitiable. :( (join the pity-the-penguins-association, note: the chairman is jh.)so there she goes again. nvm! i shall continue. let me see. i think the library is quite weird. hrmm. really quite weird. there're holes on the partition walls separating the monitors, the mouses [haha! mouses. lol.], the switches, the wires, and the keyboards -- which essentially means computers. and i dunnoe what the holes are for! it doesn't make sense to have holes on the partition walls. like are you gonna look through the hole and talk to the person who's using the computer next to you? like no, right? and anyway, the hole is way too small for your head to go through lor (which reminds me of those ancient execution stations, you know, where you basically just 1) insert your head into the hole given. 2) slash. 3) die.). totally doesn't make sense. -shakes head- i think the architect's design plan has got loopholes. get it? loopHOLES. holes! holes that do not make sense. sighh. maybe they should just remove the partition walls from the library and donate it to the singapore prison for execution of criminals or something. oh! i just remembered something. this is not a very feasible suggestion, because the holes aren't even big enough for the head to go through, yeah? (basically, what she is getting at is that the prisoners will have their head stuck half way through the execution. ouch) hrmm. then maybe they'll have to try to make the hole bigger or sth. (or manipulate the human genes to make the heads of our future generations grow smaller and more fitting.) ok la. i think i've prawned for quite a while liao. let zhuxuan take over. :)
yes. it's finally my turn. anyway, the cells, the tissues, the organs, the skeleton, the proteins, the carbohydrates, the enzymes etc etc etc (wah! bio terms! ms keung will be so proud of you! =D)which effectively means Ms Ang Chieh Hwee, she, er, needs a break. oh whatever, i cannot believe she actually needs a break from all these...i mean isn't she like the king of all crabbers? o pardon me. it's queeeen. by the way, if you are still reading, congrats, and if you are still alive, many congrats. cause that's the basic requirement of reading a blog like this. and jh is giggling for some stupid reason. i think it's because i crowned her the queen of the crabbers. (-__- who cares about that title?! lol.) haha. and oh back to the previous point. to all survivors out there, you are now officially a member of our newly set-up club. (it's a club, not a spade, nor a diamond, and much less a heart) it's called, the you-are-alive-and-you-are-still-reading-a-lame-entry club. yeah! now that everyone's in the club, let's divide the workload. while i will continue typing, jh will be in charge of breathing, and you ppl will be in charge of rolling your eyeballs. yes, fair. simple. and perfect. and if you realise, this job will not, i emphasise, be responsible of the possible consequences that will result from an overdosage of such text type. possible consequences may include: immediate death due to the sudden decrease of surrounding temperature (means freezing to death), shivering, short-term breathlessness, and long-term complete lameness. oops, it's kind of late now, so if it's possible, we shall excuse ourselves and close our associations and clubs for the day. k. folks, don't be disappointed, we'll be back. (anyone watched 'terminator'?) nvm. bye.............
yeahh. bye fellow club members!

Announcement n (it means any positive integer, anyone paid attention during maths?) : if you have finished reading till here, please tag! :D


this marks the second blog from zeying!
yup, the time is nearing... our judgement day will befall upon us sometime arnd ... next week? does the thought, "oh no, our results are coming out!" bring chills down your spine? haha, if it does, well, give me a high five.
what more can i say, but it's all out of our hands now, so let's just hope our dear cambridge examiners were well-fed and well-entertained enough by our answers (esp bio paper!) to be merciful on us. :P meanwhile enjoy our moments together!
we ran 2.4km today and im proud to say ALL THE GIRLS PASSED (with flying colours!!) cross-country's just arnd the corner, so guys, stay fit and healthy.. oh, debate was kinda hilarious, cos S77 misread the motion and prepared their argument for ecotourism but i think they spoke really well despite their disadvantage, except they refused our POIS in a less than, er, IDEAl manner. haha. we shld all buy a mike for cihan on her bday. congrats to stef, our best spker of the day.
oh, happy belated REN RI. in case you're wondering, its just the seventh day of CNY, which commenorates the birthday of everyone. so for those ppl who thought you only had one birthday, you have one more excuse to collect presents!!
our lao yu sheng was pretty exciting, but i think the table ended up eating all our fish. cheers to zongyi for bravely stuffing a piece of fish which dropped on the table. quote faqeehah, who lao-ed for the first time - "it looks weird!"
fire drill happened right in the middle of chem when i was presenting my answers. *gloats* lets hope she forgot that i havent finished.
thats all for now. =) rest well, take care.
p/s its ALREADY WEDNESDAY!! half way thru the weeeeekkk... a

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

blood donation

today some of us went for blood donation, the scgs girls , zongyi and me. it's a thrilling experience for me and we should go for these kinda stuff more often. donating blood is so meaningful, can save pple. arh... next time shld get more pple to go fer blood donation, like huiwen who said she was scared .. :P

oh btw, the frequency of blogging is really crappy.. it's 11pm now and no one seems to be blogging ( cept for me ).. come on, we can do it!! blogging powerhouses like glorijoy, do ur job!! hee.

tml 2.4km run, everyone have fun. lol :)

ydna --

Monday, February 14, 2005


wa?!?! one whole day without entries? man our class blog is screwed. anyone going for blood donation?? haha..

has anyone realised that these few days are very "ang". firstly chinese new year, there are red packets; then valentine's day, results in roses strewn all over the place. ang ang all the way, people like our principal and weixuan must be damn happy. then tml got blood donation drive somemore, red stuff again.. hmm...

guys mass chat sessions are SOOOO fun man.. and David, chill =)

Btw Happy Valentine's Day !! :)

- NeoDymium logging off.


Hi everyone,
Isn't VBC fun!
-Team Name Member

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Constantine, again

This is John Constantine you asshole again! Sorry about the crankiness in my last post, I've been feeling cranky since my second resurrection, you know after that crazy-ass white suit guy plucked me out of the air and ripped out the tar, i so painstakingly accumulated in my lungs, after i gave him the finger. And because i learnt that smoking kills from my adventures as John Constantine, the lean mean half-breed killa, i have stopped smoking and the lack of the killing stuff you get from smoking cigarettes gives me violent mood swings from cranky and self-pitying to whatever mood i am in now. I would now like to thank the director for naming this movie after me and for letting me be in this movie. And i now come to realise how cool AND handsome i am cussing and blowing stuff up with style that would make my friend Neo look like a lumbering drunken bear. Furthermore, i would also like to thank the stupid dolts who pay $8.50 to watch my lovely movie while straining their necks, sitting on top of this shiny pile of moolah, i must say that i really appreciate it. Though sadly, i doubt it will get any bigger as there would probably not be a sequel or, not to mention, a trilogy. Because any sequel would be really corny and would cramp my style because i really owned the badguys in the last show and i doubt that stumpy-winged gabriel-parody would be able to do anything, considering that my chick-i-forgot-her-name-friend has the awesome spear which the mexican guy dug up. And so, err Zongyi, i apologise if my demand for 1.99 rupiah traumatised you in anyway. You certainly have not spoilt the (i changed my mind) wonderful show that i starred in. Oh, i'm so pretty. Well, i feel the nicotine craving again, time to go again... peace out.

-THE John Constantine, friend of Zongyi-

And because Zongyi is so cool


this is john!john constantine! u ass hole! how can u spoil my new film like that? do u noe that becos the matrix trilogy is over liao and i got no rice bowl to hold on to? i beg that stupid director for so long then he let me act in this movie lor! i nearly bankrupt leh...becos i not handsome, can only act cool only, then sometime act cool also not cool, image is forever wearing that black long jacket then wok ard with wind constantly blowing my hair and jacket as i walk slowly into the scene, so cliche...but cant help it, thats all i am capable of...i sincerely hope that constantine got trilogy too, then i can drag the show like shit like matrix, then can tok a lot of crap that ppl dun really understand but think is cool...anw, do u noe how long i practise my pointing of middle finger???u think its an easy job arh? i practise for a few days to get that perfect position and hold there without the finger shivering lor...wads ur name again?arhh..zong yi...i demand u to pay me 1.99 rupia(wrong spelling) for spoiling my show which is already spoilt by me being the lead actor...oh man...i smell sulphur again, time to go...peace out.

-THE John Constantine-


Hi everyone, I'm blogging again
because solitaire becomes really frustrating when you realise that the computer is actually trying to piss you off and that Wes Cherry is out there, somewhere laughing at you.

And because i thought photoshop was foolproof, i give you this: THIS.
An attempt at creating a class blog banner by yours truly. I sort of got carried away by the neat cutting and pasting tool.

And HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, it still is relevant right? So how's everyone's Chinese New year? Comfortably traditional? Well, mine sure was comfortably traditional, same as last year and they year before that and for as long as i can remember. Going out with family, walking around places where they put up chicken statues, red coloured stuff and all sorts of funky auspicious stuff, then going to my relatives' and friends' houses to "bai nian", gorge ourselves on sweets, nuts and ba gua, and to collect angpows.Oh, and then there was steamboat dinner, tuan yuan fan and yadda yadda yadda.

Ah, and on thursday, a few of us went to David's house to "bai nian" (erm i'm lousy at translations but it means something like pray year, as in visiting people during this new year period). We gambled, and it was pretty intresting, ask Biondi.

Then on Fri, a few of us went to orchard to get valentine's day presents. This valentine's day thingy is quite new to me as before 2005, valentine's day was just another day with my family members lamenting the high cost of roses. And then we watched constantine at Lido. If you guys haven't watched a movie in the city on a friday evening before, take my advice, don't. We paid a heartwrenching $8.50 for each ticket from a funkily friendly ticket booth operator, and the best part is that we got 2nd row seats. Yep, seats from which you have to look AROUND so that you will be able to take in the entire movie scene. But, with the glass half full, why go to the cinema if you can't watch the movie straining your neck and enjoy the movie pixel by pixel eh?

Yet despite all that, Constantine was an enjoyable movie. Its first scary, then funny and i must say, Keanu Reeves is really pale and he has the sexiest middle finger. *Spoiler alert, do not continue reading if you do not want to know the constantine story* Constantine is about this guy called John Constantine, yeah like in the title, and everyone calls him THE John Constantine, which means that he's not just ANY John Constantine, which is probably why this movie is about him. Ok, so he smokes 30 cigarettes a day since he was 15 and so he gets some other lung disease, starts coughing out loads of blood and he's going to die. And then we find out that he's died before. So in the end he dies and comes back to life again which is cool. And he finally learns his lesson and he quits smoking and chews nicotine gum instead. Oh and as he learns his lesson, he meets psychics, demons and spears which make mexicans invulnerable. At the end he says "God has a plan for all of us, some of us may not like the way its done and I had to die twice to learn my lesson." Or something like that. And then he takes out his nicotine gum and starts chewing. Awesome stuff.

-Zongyi, again

Friday, February 11, 2005


i'm freakingly bored now.
so now i shall update something.
just now i was so bored that i decided to try make a banner.
but apparently after doing it for a while i decided not to continue.


firstly it sucks.
secondly i might be sued for plagiarising [i suddenly thought it looked like those in hp adverts, just that it's in grayscale].
thirdly i predict the end product will still be rejected anyway.
fourthly it still stinks.

oh well i decided to be nice and just let it seee for yourself.
please dont tell me that its nice.
or else i'll just puke my dinner out.
and you wouldnt want me to puke my dinner out.
cos its made up of largely vegetables.
maybe i shouldnt show you all,
or else everyone will know i'm a useless it rep.
ok fine.

so are you curious?

i wanna make you curious.

please say you're curious.

ok great. you're curious.
and so here you go!
yes i know it stinks real badly.
stop trying to make me sink deeper into depression.
but i wont - wuyuetian will be there to cheer me up!
and finally,
dont miss me.
i know you will.
but dont miss me.

oh whatever =.=


Does anybody know the format of the account no. to log in to ivle? It's the one with our NRIC no. as our password. And why? Because mrs koh says we must complete a survey on ivle over the long weekend.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


heyz. ok,mr.awx wants equality between the genders. so i made one WITHOUT the girl.
but personally i think it doesnt look as nice cos it's all words now. change it or not you all decide lor. i'm happy enough that you like the banner and is happy using it. =) my cny is utterly boring. and now my mum is unhappy with me because i hang on the net for (on average) 2hrs a day and is having a cold war with me. the noisiest thing in my house now is the tv and the sound of the fan. what a nice cny.

happy cny!

hey all!
Juz got back from malaysia, but i didn't get to bump into zeying or jie hui ):. Oh yeah how was cny celebrations in school? Sorry i couldn't help out... but from the pictures looks like you pple were having fun.

ok aniwae for cny while u guys were in school i was at my maternal grandparents' house stoning for half the day... then like jie hui i stayed up to shou sui too. Then at twelve midnight when the artistes on channel 8 and U started saying happy cny the whole neighbourhood began firing fire crackers and stuff all over the place for the next one hour. damn noisy and irritating lor, esp when they fire the crackers into your backyard... the things go like eeoooowwwwww BANG and the even worse ones just go BANG liddat. Want to sleep also cannot.

Ok shall talk about ang pao now... today (day 1 of cny) my grandpa asked me a record six times if he had given me ang pao already or not. Should have just kept saying no... then i'll be 600 ringgit richer ): oh well can't blame him for forgetting lar... last time i counted he had 32 grandchildren (including me). lol.

Hey i should tell you guys more about my grandpa... very interesting wan. He's the bigshot guy in the kluang (where i was staying) so on cny the other bigshots come and visit him and he doesn't need to do the visiting ;). He has a white mercedes benz and the car plate number is [BAD 1], like some hongkong gangster movie. Actually it's not his fault, he's totally clueless about english... so after he bought his car he also dunno why pple keep pointing at his car. Then he also shook hands with SM Goh Chok Tong b4 bcos SM Goh's younger brother is his good fren... and during the jap occupation he kena play ping pong with the japanese soldiers. He played so well the jap soldiers were very happy so the gave him a bunch of tyres which he sold for a lot of money.

Speaking of money did u guys make lots of money for the cny stall? And wad izzit about the class dance?? hope it's not something compulsory...

wen qi


hey do we get extra points for posting photos? ah whatever. anyway here're so photos i took with my phone. they're kinda blur. but ah well. (: blessed new year to everyone!


<3 gloree

happy Critical Newtonian Yield (or sth lidat) :)

happy cny!
haha im trying to shou3 sui4 now! it's already 1.52am. great achievement for me ok! haha actually me and my siblings wanted to shou sui together, but all of them are asleep! -__- ok and since im having difficulty staying awake, i've come here to blog! :D
im going to malaysia tmr! (ok lah, actually it's today) haha maybe i'll bump into wenqi or zeying :)
im so sleepy now. totally drain bramaged. (haha get it anot? drain bramaged cus brain damaged. haha ok lame. =P) hrmm let me share a lame joke here!

which is the most reactive gas in the periodic table?

it's nitrogen! you noe why? because it's N2. ENTHU!

hahahahahah. i think it's funny lor. laugh ar! :D ok i think i give up on my attempt to shou sui liao. far too sleepy, and im getting into the crappy mood. so bye 78! happy new year!

ok. i shall end wif my trademark "dun miss me ar!" :)

- chieh hwee

long holiday. woohooo :)

hello all.
tomorrow, i mean today, is Chinese New Year.
so while you all are having fun stuffing yourselves with pineapple arts and whatnot, i'll be at home eating and watching tv all day.
so we will all grow fat, just that u all have the advantage of getting money and i dont.
cos i already got money during hari raya puasa last year.
but last year there was less money cos hari raya was right smack in the middle of our Os so i could only visit the more important and closer relatives.
but anyway have fun visiting relatives.

oh btw on the 10th its also a new year on the Muslim calendar.
so Happy New Year to all of us. yay :)


Tuesday, February 08, 2005


heyz ppl.. HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! anyway.. watching (listening to actually) the tv.. cctv.. china's tv station.. got a 5-hr new year live show.. shiok..
anyway.. i made a banner.. just for fun.. go and take a look if you are interested.. but i think it's most probably not to your taste..
oh.. and i also have some skins at blogskins my user no is 202390 (i think) username is ying2.. take a look too if you have time.. ^-^
Happy new year again..


the chick's coming!

cny celebrations today was great yep? although there were rather few peeps todae. our stall.. was quite frequently patronized, cos we had a few loudspeakers, yelling out amidst the new year crowd. i thk we sold quite a lot, and drank quite a lot too. big thx to the teachers who visited our stalls. gj gj 78!

for those who danced... we kinda embarrassed ourselves.... but WHO CARES? IT'S CHINESE NEW YEAR! jus blend in with the blur crowd n rock ya body. heh.

-HappyNewYear!- in 5 hours time. get tons of hongbaos. u can keep them, jus give me what's inside.


Monday, February 07, 2005


thanks andy.. ppl please remember to train for your cross country.. anyway im just bloggin to add an additional entry.. haha happy new year


hallo everybody! :)

haha this is your bio tutor Ms Keung speaking!! contributing to the 40% content that this blog will be judged on. :D well well lets see. CNY's here. everybody dont be too stressed abt schoolwork okay!! enjoy ur holiday! long long weekends dont come often :) hope tt bio's not stressing you out too much!! if yes do tell me k, then i figure out how i can make e lesson betta :) anyway yeah CCAs on full blast now, everyone do take care of ur health yeah, if sick u cant do anything at all! try to sleep as much as u can!!

anyway i just returned fr chinatown. its prettily decorated & crowded!! must go n see if u havent! i wanna go to river angbao too just that got nobody else so enthu abt it :) last year i went with my classmates and it was raining horribly. we were literally wading thru the stalls. but e atmosphere's still good! must go again this year!!!

haha i sound like i'm talking to myself (i am, actually.) shall end off here, happy chinese new year to all, may your stall do v v well tmr!! + i must say ur banner was real nice!! chicken looks v realistic indeed. beautifully painted! congrats to e painters!! :) hope the malt candy will be good, after all i foresee that i'd be buying quite abit of it :) :) alright, goodbye and have a nice day!

we will c whose the LORD of the crap

Sigh, i typed like super long lars ust now then stupid com disconnected, nvm, i shall recrap.

OKies, beware, this warning goes out to zhuxuan yingying and jiehui especially!!! Here comes a NEW CHALLENGER!! Behold

Hahas, finally for todae i don't feel like mugging, every morning see Delin mug i cna faint diao le. I mean its so pek chek seeing him mug, he shud realli take it slowly and relax lars, first three months, dun pia so hard lars, a bit still can, but not to the extent of mugging 24/7 rites? So delin, just enjoy ur time with our class, have farn, dun keep thinking about work.At the rate u r going, u will probably burn urself out lors, by next year, then u will find it super hard to go on. Its all for ur own good, PLEASE STOP MUGGING!!!

Oh yar, todae Hagrid didn't turn up at Hogwarts todae, first dae of the week lehz, bad impression. No animals lessons todae, no fun interesting animals todae to c. Neither is Hagrid at that littke hut of his down the hill looking after Hippogriff. Wonder where he is. Probably his exhuasted and too tired. Metabolic rate too high. Mine high nvm, it just means i need to sweat more to coll my body to maintain its functionality.But hor, if his metabolic rate gets too high, i am afraid the sheer amount of heat generated from his liver can cause him to just burst into flames and burn up. Espeically when u can c that tremendous amount of flammables he carries AROUND himself whereever he goes. Damn dangerous lars... So here's a warning, please be sure of all fire safety precautions, head to the nearest exit in a orderly manner, do not panic. Stay at least like 3-5 metres away from him. Oh yar, put 995 as speed dial, carry ur phone with u wherever u go. U nvr noe when u realli need it.

Tmr is new year's eve le, and we have a stall to tend, so sad rites, cannot even take a break. And then hor i am in charge of like what, publicity? dunnnoe what am i going to do lors, i think i just pull people, yesh, literally pull them to the stall.But i think what's most important is that we must provide quality service, rmb customer is always rites!!See japan and hong kong and taiwan, their service very zai, singapore must learn, must retrain the workers. without quality service, people woulnd't be attracted to our stall, without being attracted to our stall, they wouldn't buy our stuff, without buying our stuff, they won't give us money, if they dun give us money, we cannot cover our cost price, if we cannot cover our cost price we waste our money and time, if we waste our money and time, it means we dun make profit, if we dun make profit, means we cannot have chalet. So if we want to have chalet we must make profit and NOT wastemoney and time and cover our cost price by getting people to buy our stuff and pay us and attract them to our stall. So workers smile always, treat them EQUALLY!!!

Must dedicate this entry for one of my lurved ones, it has been part of my life for the past few years, and has walked through the darkest hours of my life by my side. My life encompasses around it, revolves aorund it. And everytime i look into her eyes, she usually gives me a positive look. She is so ever expressive of herself, so outspoken. As i run my fingers over her soft delicate skin, i feel and i crave for her. My life would have been colourless without her, she is my soul, my heart, my everything. Always silently guiding me to the shores while i struggle through troubled waters. She is so attractive, so electrifying, so cool. But yet, at this very hour, i have lost her, she has parted me, and my life will be filled with utmost peril and turmoil, i no longer have the strength to carry on. without her, just without her, my world has turned upside down, and no one can ever replace her in my heart. My dear calculator, i mourn ur passing and u will always have a very special place in my heart...

So, Come on man, whose the lord of the crap, u be the judge, u make the decisions, vote wisely. Cast me ur vote and u are definitely making the correct decision!! Lord of the crap, unleash the rubbish!!!


Drink more, drink more. After 3 grueling weeks of tutorials, lectures, practicals and CCA, theres finally time to slack, to relax your mind and to devote your time to more ... intellectually less-demanding activities, like sellng stuff. MORE sleep, LESS homework. MORE fun, LESS sianzilla. MORE profits, LESS competitions. MORE scandals, LESS stoning. MORE couples, LESS green apple, rainbow club.oops where am i heading to.

On a lighter note, bigs wads of disgusting maltose and cans of assorted fruits will be our way to a nice holiday chalet.Hopefully with plasma TV, fully air conditioned, coupled with mahjong table, a nice sea view, broadband connection, lots of beds to sleep in, erm thats all.

We'll have ruthless marketing strategy that Hitler would be proud of. Firstly we'll organise a group of gangsters to form the storm troopers who will go around and destroy all the other stalls with prospering busniess. The most obvious targets would be competing stalls who are uncreative enough to copy us and sell malt candies. we'll bash up the people and demolish the stall to ensure complete and overwhelming monopoly which will translate to a bulgy bottomline, ensuring big fat revenues and hard earned profits to financed our holiday plans.

Adieu, hope that we'll earn heap heap denarius tml, you savvy?



that's a cool and refreshing blog entry by zongyi the stoner and slacker.. full of crap but still make sense. i do really sincerely truefully genuinely wholeheartedly wish that our class stays as it is after first three mths. after just one month, i have felt pretty bonded to most of u guys. LOVE YA LOADS MAN. :)

anywae, tml im the malt candy in-charge. i think everyone who tasted the malt candy felt that it is quite OKAY, except for chuan yuan who thinks it's not sweet at all. maybe his toe injury affected his ability to taste. oh well. most likely we should be selling each stick for 50cents. it's gna be good money.

i have nothing much to say liao.. not as good a crapper as zongyi or chuan yuan. anywae guys, dun worry.. i BELIEVE i have sent the url to the person in-charge @ nth can go wrong if there's someone as responsible as me arnd =D oh well..

eh people, instead of just criticizing the banner, give ideas and suggestions lar.. seniors can provide assistance anot? heehee...

btw, happy chinese new year. dun eat until so fat that later x-country die like crap. wx dunid to thank me for this lar. heheh. ENjoy.

-- Nd


Hey everyone! Look, I'm blogging!

You may ask: What took me so long? Am I really slack!? Well, I just thought it would be ceremonially appropriate if the CT rep blogs before his erm... supporters.

On this note, I must say that Chuan Yuan really has been doing a good job keeping the class punctual, facilitating class discussion, looking out for absentees and taking attendance, though sometimes, almost too well. Remember, Chuan Yuan, sometimes, welfare comes before education, more specifically cultural enrichment which we probably would not get. Heh, the wonderful thing about a rather democratic CT is that we get a nifty 5% in voting for stuff that would affect the class, I think.

And that's just one of the things that make this class so fun eh.

Chuan Yuan's right, blogging is stressful, cos after you hit the "publish post" button, this stuff sticks onto the yellow part and won't go off unless you nuke the blogspot server or something. So if you are in anyway offended by my post, do pause for a moment and think "is this guy really mentally sound?" and kindly reconsider beating me up. K?

It also occurred to me that people are branding me a slacker, this I feel is not really right. Slack, as defined by some online dictionary is not using DUE diligence, care, or dispatch, or characterised by slowness, sluggishness or lack of energy. Making "calculative slacker" I bit of an oxymoron eh. Apparently, my very action of blogging would show that I do in fact exercise DUE diligence, care with regards to class activities and that I do not lack energy.

And slightly less importantly, tomorrow is CNY celebrations! We've got a store to manage! I hope everyone knows what they're supposed to bring and do tomorrow so that we can actually sell stuff. As your nominated stall IC, I'll be walking around to ensure that nothing burns up or explodes. As a form of motivation, we should have aims, and aims should always start low, as opposed to the Chinese proverb, one step fly high high. And I say that we aim to sell $15 worth of stuff to cover our deposit so that we would not have to worry about cleaning up.

Hm, it just occurred to me that we also have other monetary expenses, such as the purchase of cups, canned stuff, chopsticks and etc. So hopefully, we would be able to cover those expenses too. Ah, but what's most important is that we have FUN tomorrow so don't worry yourselves too much tomorrow if you are unable to snatch one dollar from the guy after you pour cocktail down his throat.

I decline to comment on JTS since its still so far away and I'm getting tired of typing stuff. But I do hope that we would be able to find a day when everybody would be able to make it, otherwise, it wouldn't be quite the same.

Before going back to my routine stoning and TV, I'd just like to say that 05S78 ROCKS! And that this month with you guys has really been fun and enjoyable, with a wonderful balance of funnily serious, seriously funny and miscellaneous people. Hopefully we would move intact into the 4th month aye?

-Zongyi, blogging and enjoying it to only a certain extent.


been blogging for the past two days and here i am again.
can't help it, 78-ers are just too nice...
especially ME ((:
but yeah, wanna say that the banner really raawwkks.
wooohooo! hope we win tomorrow.
but hey - the judge is kelvin ng!
which means we'll prob win!
or else i'll kill him and skin him alive.

ok. my calves are aching damn badly from the canoeing trg just now, but waddaheck, i love canoeing.
if i cant stay in hc i'll be sooo sad ):
my cca and my class rock! but hey - my Os will prob suck.

so dont miss me if i really leave ):

-IT rep.

[p.s. i REPEAT. frequency of entries is 40%!!!]

CNY celebration!!!

what to wear?? what to wear?? I persuaded quite a few ppl to come to HC. I think it'll be fun...they'll be sooo jealous when they see how united our school is and how wen xin our school building is. haha. let's all make them jealous k??

Now in the library...supposed to do GP research one... but hehehe. Ended up doing bio HW. Did the wrong HW somemore. grrr... Got lots of undone homework leh... it will be against the festive spirit to do it this week.

Chuan Yuan should really start a blog. So much to say man. oh, if anyone decides to build a blog or change blogskin. Go and look out for my designs. My username is spottedlife (I think). Most of them are rated 1* but actually they're quite nice. Considering i made them when i was very very very very young (sec 3 i think) .


Sunday, February 06, 2005

CT-Rep finally opens his mouth...

Actually it has nothing to do with my mouth at is just some typing only right??...

Hey, guess what? This is my first time ever blogging, feels wierd...coz i also dun really know what to say...and then some peeps complain that i ct-rep until now also haven't said a single stuff, so ok...i try to write something yah??...

OkOk...I think everyone in 78 is going to kill me if I say this...I am really really sorry coz i think we might not be in the blog competition anymore. See, I forgot to e-mail our blog url and stuff to the person in charge. I was suppose to do it on Friday, but then when i remembered, it was already 12.30 am lez, then i also dun have the person's email address, i tried to find but cannot i will try to enter it again on Monday, hopefully the teacher would still accept...Haiz~, i just have so many stuff bogged down on me, plus my ultra absent-minded brain, keep on and on forgetting things. For example, the leadership form thing, suppose to hand in on Wednesday, but in the end returned it only on Friday, ARGHZ...sorry Mrs Koh, maybe i should start keeping a diary.. but will it be of any use?? I dun know, then later i will start saying things like, oh...i forgot to write in my diary, or oh...i forgot to read my diary...whatever...

I realise blogging is really quite diff...i mean how to really sustain a there really that much stuff to write? Oh well, i am doing the bio essay on lipids now, then i dunno if i am suppose to present or what, but nvm, just get it prepared and done with first. Now is already 10+++, then still got alot of hw not done...arghz...i wonder what i have been doing the whole day...either is sleeping, admiring my toe growing bigger or if not is eating non-stop...I love chocolates, i think i am growing fatter, i feel i already have high cholesterol, since my heart rate is like 80+per minute, while others is only 60+, so i am not very healthy, whatever...I think i really good at rotting the whole day away, is really very easy...just sit at somewhere and dun do anything...just what i've been doing the whole day today...and is damn shiok...coz it relaxes the mind...but is bad too, coz we people are like so busy already with so many ccas and hw, where got time to rot? so, it is really good during the rotting process, but after that, you start to panic coz of the left over homework and other unfinished business, and then you start to get stressed out again and then you go bongus, and something like that is happening to me right now...hahaz...

I think i am crapping already, so how is you guys weekends? I am really sorry about the saturday thing, calling you guys back for nothing. But afterall, i think it is a CT-banner, and not a WX-banner, so even though if weixuan is doing most, or maybe all the job, we cannot just leave him there alone right? I think the least we could do is to keep him company yah, afterall he did not have to help us in the first place...the reason he continues to paint is because he is doing it for the CT, and so showing really good CT-spirit, hence i thought maybe we should just go back and either help him or keep him company, as i believe this would be a great encouragement for him to continue painting, am i right weixuan? Hence, I am really glad, i mean really really happy to see so many turn up on saturday, even though you may not have done anything physically, you have helped a lot mentally (as in moral support and i making sense...i hope i am), so afterall, it is really not going back for nothing right? Anyway, thanks for going back and i think we all should also thank weixuan for the effort put in for the banner...hehez...

Oh yeah...the blog banner...afterall bernard did do something, actually is not bad lahz...really great...but yah, i strongly believe we can come out with a better one! Keep trying...

I think i shan't say much anymore...Let's see, jts is really a big problem, coz like what david said, starting from the saturday on 19th, all the people in huang cheng, which includes me, will not be able to make it, since we have so many lian pais and stuff...[I shall not express my feelings for huang cheng here, although i know many would know how i view it...I mean afterall, i love huang cheng, I seriously truely REALLY LOVE huang cheng...yah] so...i will discuss this with the ct again, and try to come out with a date as soon as possible. Sorry David, if i can, i will try my best to make it next saturday, but i think many people will have their own stuff, since it is still cny week, plus at such a short notice, very diff to get a place that can fit so many people all at one time...and then to the whole ct, if you all really want every single soul to attend the jts thinggy, i think we have to use either the weekends (which could only be a friday since mon-thurs is very inconvenient as we still have lessons the next day) or else Sunday (which is termed as family-day to many people, including me). Saturdays are certainly out if you guys give consideration to the Huang-Cheng peeps, and i think many must really sacrifice the little family day for this jts, if only there is just one more extra day in a week...but......

Ok. I realise i have this ability to make my face go bloody red in an instant, whatever, is already always so red in the first place, so does not make much of a difference...I am tired, and still haven't touch much about the bio essay...there is pw tomorrow, wonder what are we going to do...and i really need to save up a lot of money to buy presents for my father's bdae, for valentine's day, for angel and mortal, and for jts, and for class luck to me, and gd luck to you guys coz i think jts and class fund is going to amount to at least 80+++, hahaz, have fun!

All right, is 11 already...please come for sparks III and capriccio 21 as both concerts will be very nice...ok i dunno much about capriccio but sparks will sure to entertain you guys...with all the percussion and stuff and please come for dramafeste and talentime and huang cheng too...i will be getting orders for the stage fight thing tmr...and also please come for rjc band concert, anyone interested in rjband concert can come and look for me, is on 18 of feb for only $5 at rj audi. we can go and also take a look at the new campus at the same time, plus rj band is really good, i cannot say too much just in case my words will be used against me by someone else if i say anything wrong, just try to come and watch kz?

Yep...I think i will just stop here. Hopefully our CNY stall will be a great success on tuesday and then we can have a class chalet in June...hahaz...whatever...seeya tmr...I think i really manage to crap a lot...okiez...nitenitez...enjoy my bio presentation tmr, if i am the one presenting...hehez...

And one more thing...erz... the password to our blog, can someone change it so that it has no relation with any subs at all, it is really kind of bad coz there is some kind of prejudice when using that the opposite thing and stuff...hahaz...if ms keung finds out...hahahaz... first time exciting...hahaz...nitez~~!


hey ppl! finally noe how to blog here, haha! as we all noe that cny is han is asking if we shld haf a class outing or not? so wad u guys think? we can all go ci han's house to enjoy her condo's facilities, or u guys can come my house, condo too, facilities include swimming pool, billard, tennis, table tennis, squash, bball(although the ring a bit lower than normal) or even sauna if u guys want.anw, if u guys really wanna come, preferabally on thurs or fri... and oh yar, for crazy work-outers like andy lim, i haf gym here

now for the cny thingie...i haf tasted the malt candies, not bad, haha.smoothies also quite nice, i hope we can make a lot of money then can go chalet as stated by gd job, ppl, for staying back until so late to do the banner and everything!:D

abt that jts, it really cannot be on 19feb lar.huang cheng ppl all cannot attend, somemore glori also cant due to family business, so yar, we shld change abt next sat? cos thats the only sat left for me and all huang cheng ppl, cos we gonna haf full run every sat after that sat from 1-9.30pm.haiz....btw, all 04/05s78 ppl must come watch huang cheng ok???the order form will be given out soon i think. my seniors advice buy 15 bucks one instead of 10 or 12, cos 15 bucks one can see actors' faces and expressions better.its on 17, 18 or 19 of march.(thurs, fri and sat) so pls come support us and enjoy the show!!:)

i kinda noe that some ppl a bit of the stressed recently, or even very tired.well, all i can say is rest more, dun over push urself...i felt hurt seeing my fellow 78ers so weary and sad:'( *puke* lol. no lar, i really feel so.and i also hope some hatred(hmmm, sound a bit too serious) that may be going on in the class can be resolved soon...happy family.haha.

lets all enjoy the cny celebration to our fullest, practise ur mass dances and fac dances at home yar?haha!!

-david, the nobody, cos nobody is perfect :p

happy birthday to ANDY again!

i'm back again :D
just wanna drop by to say:
hmm thanks for making the blog and always being there to crap.
sadly, you're not a slacker like me.

ok jokes aside *erhem* [sounds familiar?]
just wanna tell all the 78-ers that you NEEDA UPDATE MORE!!!
content [including frequency of entries] is 40% in the judging criteria.
so if you wanna win the 200 bucks dining voucher better contribute some rubbish.
anything will do, eg jokes, craps, and even pictures.
just BLOG.
that simple.

for THOSE who don't know HOW [i.e. people like zongyi],

please go to
then sign in using the username 05s78 and get the password from people who have blogged already.
that go under posting and you can FINALLY type an entry!

and yeah for those who frequent my blog [quite a few people here]
as you can see its NOT working.
bahh. thanks to the stupid host.
so i've transferred to blogspot temporary [temporary_address_temporary_address =/]
and now i'm at
sad case.
my tagboard is the same as the previous blog one,
so all your tags are STILL there.

ok enough of rubbish.
please blog more.
and please try to use the comments part while you continue tagging.
thanks a lot!

- IT rep aka huiwen ((:

Happy Birthday to Andy!!! :D

it's andy's bdae today! haha :) so here's a happy happy happy birthday to you, andy! :D

haha ok may all your bdae wishes come true and stay happy! :)

- chieh hwee

Saturday, February 05, 2005

blah blah

technically speaking it is now saturday already, thus later there will be banner painting. eh.... but wad's the time we're supposed to be at the amphitheatre?

and yeah, by right wenqi shld be bringing malt candy. tml guys try to learn howda make okay?

and btw if anywan wants to display their designing skills with the computer, ure welcomed to do a banner for the class blog. now stalin chua, huiwen and stephanie are doing.. btw this banner is done by stalin chua to fill up e empty white space. it looks kinda cute doesnt it? hah.. =)

-- Nd

Friday, February 04, 2005


people asked me whether i did anything.
and now once again i decided to answer this stupid and common-sensical question.
YES i DID something.
boohoo. did you know i spent so much time on the photo sections? and the events? sighh.
ok fine. i admit andy did a thousand things more than me. at least i DID set up the OHP today during chem prac right? *acts pitiful*
but i'm a born slacker =( boohoo. [hmm needa pia maths tutorial 2B and mole concept =/]
but hey, its 12 now. gotta go. needa wake up at 5 tmr for canoeing (:

anyway, well done to all the debaters! yeah yeah yeah, i think we thrashed 79. lolx. ok so good luck to the next round of debaters (: if you need help, find your friendly IT rep.

thank you.

-IT rep.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I cracked the password too! and BTW, I'm your Civics Tutor!

haha... well done, 78!

- priscilla koh

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I cracked the password code!

Hey! 3 Cheers to the debaters!! Well done! Well done!! Well done!! 78 rocks. Now I'm really convinced that "The death penalty should be put to death". Wah... the judges praise Biondi to the skies lor. Anyone noticed they were looking at us more than at 79?

I don't mind jogging every morning la. Esp after reading awx's post.

Who wants to join Wushu???? It's nice. Can train for napfa.


change of password

hey hey, andy here.. to make it convenient to invite teachers to post entries here, i changed the password to something totally OPPOSITE. try figuring out.

btw anyone wanna go do weights with me on certain days at chs gym?

and does anywan wanna go jogging with me in e morning b4 flag raising?


signing off,


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