Monday, January 31, 2005


lectures at the time peroid of 2.00to 3.20 suck. especially bio lectures. no matter how great the lecturer is. the fact is, half the time is spent trying to keep awake; the other half is spent trying to decipher what you had just written while trying to keep awake. :/

mondays at 1.20 seem to have become our weekly basketball game with seniors! sadly, there are no girls from our senior class playing. but our enthusiastic pe rep awx should be happy that some of us are exercising... if he would only bother to come and play ;).

we are all looking forward to the gp written assignment tomorrow. hooray!

-stef ^_^

Hey hey!!

Ello classmates! Bored at the library now. Don't know why too when i have green club, vbc and gp project today.

Reading your blogs now. haha. rather interesting. I don't understand why boys can type so long and deep entries yet their letters are so short and not very deep.

Hmm... nothing to say leh... best of luck to all vbc teams. =)


just here to create disturbance

this is yingying and zx!

hahahahahahah.. i'm one of the lords of the crap.. i'm back again! anyway, now is project work time and we are suppose to practise our microsoft word, ppt skills.. but i'm practising my blogging and crapping skills.. quite constructive rite?.. haha -ying2-

Yes...i think you are really good at it...hey, btw.. .we're having a independent learning session..which means it's like self-study...which means all we have to do is to just stare into the mirror and study our images!!!!that's it. and we are done....o i think i love pw....-zx

anyway.. i think zhuxuan is wrong.. cos there are no mirrors in the library (except in the library toilet).. so i think we have to look into the mirror when we get home at 12 midnight and peel an apple in front of it.. and guess what will we see in the mirror? ............................................................................. a peeled apple and our dumb look holding a peeled apple......... sorry, a bit carried away.. returning the keyboard to zhuxuan..

oh din know you are crappier than me....but that's ok....the winner still goes to chieh hwee anyway anytime anywhere....yapz!-zx

haha.. looking at zhuxuan and i begin to feel that she's such an ignorant girl.. dunno how to appreciate some ppl's feelings for her.. -ying2

i dunno what you are talking about.....yingying. you are so hopelessly crappy....crapper. you. and don't eat too much crabs...wahahah....-zx

haha.. i seldom eat crabs.. dun worry.. anyway.. i shall not say more about zhuxuan and..
yar.. shall continue my crap-training.. haha.. i think our class is quite interesting.. and too hardworking also.. (as compared to some other classes and some other schools).. we did all our homework.. ok, virtually all.. so sian.. didnt do my carbo tutorial and i just happen to be the ones having to hand in my carbo upsetting...-ying2

anyway....we are coming to the end of our if you shall excuse us.....we'll take our leave......sayonara....-zx

idiot ying herself into another private converstation already....k la. shall just end it for her.... .....bye bye..

heyy.. i'm back from a gossiping session.. nice gossips which are not constructive at all towards us solving 'the mystery'..

anyway.. i think we are both bored, so shall end now..

(in the end she's still improvements at all...hopeless case...completely hopeless....sigh)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Gentle Reminder

Cross country is on the 25th of february. Please do not forget to train for cross country. In case u didnt read the previous sentence, let me repeat again : please do not forget to train for cross country. In case you didnt read the previous sentences, let me say again : please remember to train for cross country.

If you did not get my point, please read on:

For cross country, you have to train, in order to run well. Why so? because training makes you run well. Unless you can run well, then you do not need to train. In other words, everybody has to train. Why do we need to run well? because, in cross country, just like in other competitions, you have to be fast to be able to win. Why? because if you are slow you would drop back. When you drop back, you cannot win. Do you notice that cross country runners run alot? it is because they know the secret of succes: which is to train. How do they train? they run! now that i've shared this secret with you we can all now start training and win the cross country

so patient ah? for further elaboration and clarity of my point please read on:

How good must we be by the 25th of february? We have to be good enough to beat the timings of our national runners. If we cant, then wat is the point of training? All our trainings would go up in smoke and become in vain. If we cant even beat jeffrey, i say we might as well not train.

wa dunneed to do homework? can spend so much time reading this ah? don't you have a life? Or is it just because my article is just too interesting. If you think it is, please read on.

I knew it, I'm a good writer ain't i?

You've come this far, might as well read on:

running involves your legs, so how do you train up your legs? Simple. If you do not know yet, simply run. As i said earlier, you run in order to run better! Running at 60-75% of your heartrate would increase your aerobic performance and increase your lactic threshold. Interval training would be an ideal. U need to run 4.8km. Please train by running at least 6km. Endurance exercises result in cardiovascular and respiratory changes that cause skeletal muscles to receive better supplies and carbohydrates. In other words u develope type I fibres, slow oxidative muscle fibres which are resistant to fatigue.

Thank you for spending 1 minute and 48 seconds of your time reading this. If you took a shorter time then that. Congratulations! you read faster then me. that's all that you'll hear from your friendly pe rep for today. Further information would be disclosed nearer to the run-date.

-you've just heard from the best pe rep to date : AWX -signing out-

Jay Chou Forever!!!

hi guys!!!Bandage was absolutely high! We should go fo more such stuff together! And oh yar! Jay Chou rocks, totally rocks, no one can beat him. The banner posting will be delayed though, cos i need the photoshop cd from andy first. And next week we hafta do banner painting, then there is the cny y selling! Must profit and make money!Jiayous 78-ers. We rock

bernardo limkopi-o (like leonardo di caprio=P)

I serve the Soviet Union

cny stall..

are we still selling malt candies?.. or issit not feasible coz other CTs are also planning to do so?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Lord(s) of CRAP

hi pple! me and yingying are at the sch library now! =) haha this sch comp's keyboard so nice to type on one.. the keys are so soft, but very noisy lah. ok. i think im crapping. =X [chieh hwee]

now is my turn to crap.. crap1000 haix.. so few ppl visit my blog.. hmmp.. nvm.. i think is bcos there's nothing to see there.. cos it's still crap.. [yingying]

yah lah! she doesnt even update her blog. and now she's complaining that no one visits her blog?! like hello? you're the one who doesnt update lor! nothing to see oso wad. haha. ok anw this is -out of point- hrmm well we're waiting for 2046.. the filmfest movie at 4.30. still got half an hour to go.. hrmm.. ok now yingying wanna type something. and i think she's gonna crap somemore. ok lor!

what the hell.. LOVE ME IF U DARE is very nice.. so sweet lor.. and that chieh hwee dunno how to appreciate.. hmmp.. how can like that.. taste so low

excuse me. i noe how to appreciate the show okay. i just dont like it. so unrealistic lor! bury yourself in a box of cement?! haha. okay. but i think i noe why some pple (like yingying) think it's nice lah. yupp. hrmmm it feels like the two of us are chatting on msn now, sitting next to each other (like -__- rite) haha. okay i bet no one has the patience to read so much of our crap

agree with her (for the firx time).. so i think we'll end here

no i havent finished! wahhahaha. :D well i think the pple reading here will only read the stuff that i type. rite? :D right. so i shall continue typing! oh 12 minutes have passed. another 18 minutes to 4.30. so wad shall i talk about? oh. i think our class rocks! haha! :D

i agree with the last sentence (for the 2nd time)

haha oh you mean you agree wif "haha!" ar? lol. haha okay this entire post is utter rubbish. yingying says she needs to update her blog now (else other pple will complain) but it's like WHO wants to read her blog lor? haha. :P ok so i better end off liao. bye pple! dun miss me ar! lol. :P

yar dun miss her.

Monday, January 24, 2005



yeah... it's me again. i FINALLY added in the PHOTOS and EVENTS sections! not bad right... must check it out k. i spent lots of effort just now.. [and yes i'm finally not slack]

and yeah, STJ rocks. thanks for the wonderful time, seniors (: thoroughly enjoyed myself :DD~ JTS is coming REAL soon!! so look forward to it k.

AND FINALLY, please blog MORE. apparently many are STILL not blogging and some have not even visited this site. arghh. sad. i shall publicise it tmr...


Sunday, January 23, 2005

class banner

we need someone artistically inclined and who knows how to use a graphics editor software like photoshop to design a nice banner for this class blog. and yeah, the blog needs pictures!!! ahah...


we are 05s78

my dear 05s78! =)
its been a wonderful three weeks. i daresay we've started to warm up towards one another... (and how can we not, with all those laammmee jokes and mind boggling games) i've been enjoying myself getting to know you guys better and i hope the days will just get better. we've been through those first few awkward moments and the troubling times of having to memorize names.. so, Cheers! Here's to many more class outings (with chuan yuan and i and faqeehah arnd!!), and slacking breaks. everyone of you spices up the class in your very own way. and this, haha, this is how i use a few words to sum up you guys.
chuan yuan - morally upright metrosexual ... 'ani xiao'
bernard - russian trapped in a wrong body
stef - ice queen (? haha)
glori - coolest oakley arnd
li min and fu kan - mysterious disappear-ers
faqeehah - VERY brave malay girl!!
ci han - 'you cannot like that one'
timothy - slacker
zong yi - CALCULATIVE slacker
wei xuan - crazy gay
belle - babalababa
wen qi - innocent-looking pervert
chieh hwee - blur no1!! you never fail to diminish me into helpless fits of laughter
david - class clown, musician, magician, whatever!
vincent - class joker :P
andy - mind over matter!
delin - mr nice guy
tingfu - most enthu bio rep
yingying - i like your dimple!!
biondi - u have a very unique name
hui wen - you never get tired do you! :P
nicholas - future pilot
kimberle - you're so sweet!
zhu xuan - blur no2...
me - =D
see you guys tmr.


yes, the bestest chioest cutest smartest efficient-est IT REP [aka HUIWEN] here. :D

did anyone MISS me?

if you did, dont be sad, cos you'll see me tomorrow AGAIN! :DDD~

ok fine. enough crapping, just some credits here.

this blog is made by A-N-D-Y LIM [not andy lau] and not me because of various reasons.

1. I'm a big time slacker.
2. didn't feel like making one [did the banner already but realized i didnt want to continue with the blog-making]
3. ANDY wants to show off his skills [yes and so i let him do so]
4. i'm a busy woman.

yes, when i think of more i'll update.

and yes, WHAT's MY JOB you asking??? *tries hard not to be slack* ok. i OFFICIALLY call myself the ADVISOR. i give constructive comments to andy all the time about the blog. i'll do the updating of photos and class events as well. and of course some of the diiirty jobs on net.

LASTLY [aren't you glad???] time for some advertising.


Date: 29th January
Venue: HCI audi
Time: 7.30pm
People who are performing: Kelvin Li from 04s78 [not exactly any of our business]
People who are attending: MANY.
Price: $7

River Valley - Yuhua Combined Alumni Band Concert - SPARKS III
Date: 12th June
Venue: TBC
Time: Evening
People who are performing: your BESTEST IT REP [aka me] and your WORSTEST CT rep [aka ChuanYuan].
People who are attending: WHOLE CLASS [say YES!!!]
Price: TBC

Date: somewhere in Feb
Venue: HCI audi
Time: TBC
Price: $5 i think
People who are performing: TBC [currently in auditions are chuanyuan, kim, ying, etc...]
People who are attending: Probably MANY.

if anyone wants to advertise stuff please tell the IT REP. i'm currently UPLOADING pictures and coming up with an events section. any comments tell the ADVISOR [aka me]

that's all. dont miss me!

-huiwen [the bestest chioest cutest smartest efficient-est IT REP on the universe]


hahas, sovietfreako reporting!

okies, just want to lame around and crap, huiwen, u want to link the class member's bloggies? hahas just a suggestion and add a chatterbox or something, the ics can wait, a guestbk will be good too...

comrade generals, once again we march forth, since we planted our flag upon the streets of Berlin, people fear us, hate us and detest us. The Americans has once again decided to challenge our patience! and thus attempts to stamp us out. This will nort be possible however.The great strength and determination of our Soviet citizens will nvr falter nor fail. we must thus mobilise our armies to battle this evil threat against our country. We Soviets hate making enemies, but shud they inhibit our existence, they will become our enemies. History has proved that our enemies will fall, first it was the Germans, then the Germans again, we shall see how quick the Americans shall fall!!! Glory to the Soviet Union!!!

my identity is obvious enough i guess, aniwaes...the title means victory!!!=) madness....

Saturday, January 22, 2005

anyone got pictures upload can? haha...


faqeehah's first entry

hello all.
so while you all were out (or rather in) having fun at stef's house, i was in Malaysia. and i watched 2 cows and a lamb get slaughtered. very cool. but not for the faint hearted who can't stand the sight of blood or the sight of a knife cutting through an animal's neck. the blood spurts out of the arteries and there will be a spray of crimson red on the ground. after all the blood has drained out the animal is already dead so they will skin it and cut it up. so u can see all the insides, stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, heart etc. heheh. sorry for grossing you all out. but dont worry its not as scary as it sounds. btw now i understand why mutton isnt healthy. it has a lot of fat. and i really mean a LOT. layers of fats under the wool. and so little meat. haha. anyway if u all want to watch sheep get slaughtered, go to any mosque tmr. the sheep are late this year(they were supposed to be here by wednesday) cos the ships were stuck at indonesia cos of the tsunami. so they're only here today. go watch! its quite cool. but beware of the smell. the animals start to egest waste when they get scared :p

see you all at stj later!

stef rocks

stef rocks for letting us use her house. (: also three cheers for whisper and bumper! (: who allowed us to harass them. heheh. hope everyone had fun.

Friday, January 21, 2005

class outing (not really out)

whoo... exhausting day, but super fun! from 11am to 11pm!

Hahha sorry to make you guys walk so long from taka to my house . at least there was a dead rat along the way to provide some entertainment. and a deja vu on the way to newton hawker centre with an eerily similar dead bird.

smoothie making was a success and a failure. the product was not bad, but we blended all the leftovers in an attempt to play "zong ji mi ma" but ended up dumping everything.

bernard is so gentlemanly! and zongyi is so funny trying to be gentlemanly! ;) remember the satay.

to bel and cihan: thanks for helping me get everything going smoothly! three cheers for welfare and rec reps!

see everyone at stj tomorrow!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Happy Hari Raya!!

hmmm... the chinese thing wasn't as nice as we expected huh? Are we going to stick with it or not? Every week lor. not that bad if she allows us to do our own stuff.

Who's joining talentime??? Heard Chuan Yuan and Yingying wants to join. Go for it guys!

Hmm... CCAs are a headache. I really really really really really want to join chinese dance. As in really really. I could have settled with MAD or Choir, but none of them wants me. ='( Andy say 21/26 of our class joining green club? haha, don't know if other classes also so many ppl join. If not, it can sort of be a class thingie.

Let's make class tshirt!! A nice nice one. then we can wear when we go class outing or camping. To stephs's house tomorrow we go!! Oh i need to leave at 4pm.


long weekend

hey guys! happy weekend! yay tmr's a holiday and we're gonna have class outing. yaye to cool welfare reps. haha.

double yay! we've got a COOL chem lecturer! wheee. he's so lame and funny! (: oh ya CSP today was weird. but we didn't pon! so we shld be proud of ourselves. 0:) and for those who heard the strange rat/bird-like noises from the ceiling, there's a pigeon nesting outside the LT on the roof. yikes. the sounds were so...freaky. oh ya limin rocks for answering the unknown cheem chinese question. yay. our class is so pro. (ahemahem)

hmmmm. oh yes! random advertising. my church is having a cool event this saturday. which = in two days time. SUPER SATURDAY! y'know the taiwanese variety show chaoji xing qi tian super sunday? yup! it's a modified version of that and the organizers promise tons of fun performances and games and stuff. so anyone who's interested can just lemme know! all are welcome! (: it's gonna be from 4 - 730. dinner provided! yup i know we're having STJ so you can leave anytime you want. no worries. (:

quote of the day: be punctual for lectures, but don't puncture during lectures. -cool chem teacher.

ah well. 4days just zoooooomed past us this week. enjoy the long weekend! cny coming soon. zzz haven't go stuff to wear. nyeh.

oh ya VBC teams please remember to register before 9pm today. (:

signing out, oakley.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


eh need me to help in website design? can try paint someting.. den can upload as background or someting... oh btw for class cny banner.... help me tink of wat to do leh.. any symbolic significance of anything related to cny can be added to the drawing... like chicken = chicken year... golden feathers = prosperity... tink of chim ones...

-wx ( btw this is weixuan )

ps. go pe rep!!! weixuan is the best!!! :D:D

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


haha this is the first time i've used a blog before - quite backward right?

yay! bio today was actually understand-able. we should just skip all bio lectures and go for tutorials. cheers to ms keong!! Hahah today vincent called her xizhen during lesson - super funny! speaking of him, latest realisation [by zeying] - vincent looks like a chicken! :

ok this is an advertisement for all non-05278-ers.

come to SMALTIES a cny store by o5s78
we sell MALT candy and SMoothIES!!

- woof [btw this is stef]

ps. go ct rep & asst ct rep!!! chuan yuan is the best!!! :D:D


CT rep: CHuan Yuan
Assistant CT rep: Zeying
Treasurers: Stephanie and Glorijoy
Physics rep: Faqeehah
Maths rep: Bernard
Chem rep: ANdy
Biology rep: Tian Fu
GP rep: Wenqi
PE rep: Weixuan
EState Management rep: Vincent Lam
IT/AVA rep: huiwen
WElfare and REcreation reps: Isabelle and Cihan

- Nd

Monday, January 17, 2005

Did you every wonder'll land in time?

We Changed

We're sitting down here
And we're thinking of our future
Running possibilities inside our heads
We're writing words
Inside chapters not even begun yet
We sure as hell don't want your living dead

Did you ever wonder where you'd land in time?
We did. We changed.
These are the social misfits that will carve your future now,
If you, don't change.

Congratulations to your perfect education
And your flawless certificates on the wall
I'm damn sure it's
Really fun climbing up the ladder
Why don't you wait for us to make one for you?

Did you ever wonder where you'd land in time?
We did. We changed.
We are the social misfits that will carve your future now,
If you, don't change.

And did you ever wonder did you think about your future?
Would you rather crawl your way through life

And did you ever wonder did you think about your future?
We did. We changed.

It's not too late
Not too late
Never too late
It's not too late
It's when you say
Never too late

We're sitting down here
And we're thinking of our future
Running possibilities inside our heads
We're writing words
Inside chapters not even begun yet
We sure as hell don't want your living dead

Did you ever wonder where

you'd land in time?
We did. We changed.
We are the social misfits that will carve your future now,
If you don't, if you don't

And did you ever wonder did you think about your future?
Would you rather crawl your way through life
And did you ever wonder did you think about your future?

We did. We changed.

zongyi da ge da

yay! new blog! blogger is weird though. it's 9:42pm and i just woke up. this is what school does to your sleeping habits - kills it.

anywayyy. today's bio lecture was O______O. how was is supposed to know that that strange looking thing she drew was a CIS? and i still have no idea what a CIS or TRANS is anyway. -.- i came home today and asked my bro to give me bio tuition and he said "what?! on carbohydrates?! that's like the easiest chapter! apart from water." -___________________- okayyy. that was really encouraging.

best joke of the day. bio relief tcher (BYRT) says: zongyi! da ge da! :D

note to everyone: please run away when ze asks you if you've heard her happy joke. YOU DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT.

ok anyway hope belle's stomach is better. (: cya in sch tmr! (:


yay! we've got a class blog!

haha! yepp i agree with kimber! big fish rocks. :)
ahh! i dun dare to try doing the bio carbo hmwork. looks tough. =/
hrmm we must keep this blog alive okay! blog more often!

05S78 rocks!

- chieh hwee

05s78 rocks...

My angel owes me letter. I think I know who he is already. haha. Today went to watch Big Fish with Yingying, Zhuxuan and Chieh Hwee. Wa damn cheem and deep. Somemore got moral of the story thing. But it's rather nice. A certain nostalgic flavour. Too bad i had to leave halfway for choir auditions. Was freezing in that horrible room. Feel like i'm a cold turkey.

STJ's coming!! Can't wait.


05S7821 : C00l

im second yay! 78 of year 2005 has gotten a blog!



here's something .. :D just make this skeleton first, then we will add in the designs gradually... with huiwen as the main designer.... abit simplistic but make do with this fer the time being =D


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    78 on the bench.

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