Saturday, July 10, 2010


the three rvians CY YY and HW say hi to all you earthlings!

we're now on venus! (: amongst all the hot russian women :D :D

anw we're having damn a lot of fun now. just here to make u all jealoussssss. HOHOHO.

and yes, please be very jealous (:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

aja aja fighting! Gambate! jiayou!

as examinations are round the corner,
i would like to remind everybody of these important facts:

1. eat well
2. sleep well
3. mug hard
4. RVians are omnipresent, without us, your lives will never be the same (:

so are SCGSians, TCHS boys, RGS girls, NYgirls and Catholic & Anglican High boys
not to mention the fashionably fab ACS(I) girl!
we are all equal. but RV is more equal than the others.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

omg this is hilarious. watched in my lab and was snorting like mad

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Grand Duchy of Bingbongtang

The Grand Duchy of Bingbongtang is a colossal, economically powerful nation, ruled by Leader with an iron fist, and notable for its barren, inhospitable landscape. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of 5.807 billion are rabid consumers, partly through choice and partly because the government tells them to and dissenters tend to vanish from their homes at night.

There is no government in the normal sense of the word; however, a small group of community-minded, corrupt, pro-business individuals is effectively ruled by the Department of Defence, with areas such as the Environment and Social Welfare receiving almost no funds by comparison. It meets every day to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Bingbongtang City. Income tax is unheard of. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Information Technology, Arms Manufacturing, and Soda Sales industries.

Minority children spend hours bussing to schools miles away from home, Max Barry is this year's Miss Bingbongtang, nobody ever seems to enter or leave the armour-plated flying castle that serves as Bingbongtang's House of Parliament, and thieves are flogged in public for their crimes. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is crippling, probably because of the country's utter lack of prisons. Bingbongtang's national animal is the squamous elephant, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation, its national religion is a major religion, and its currency is the golgi apparatus.

Bingbongtang is ranked 3966th in the region and 51,745th in the world for Most Compassionate Citizens.

wah lau eh, no one playing alrd ar? haha

Thursday, August 13, 2009


huiwen saved the shoutbox (: hahahahaha.

username and password details under drafts. can't possibly let the world wide web know right? :P

and btw, check this cool site out:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


That must be 1/L4D fellow.
Class/wenqi birthday was INTERESTING. Really.
Eh are you trying to ask me how INTERESTING?
Haha too bad who ask you dun go.
Wow this like a monologue.
We need more DIALOGUE so chuanyuan won't "bojio" ppl anymore :D
The facebook group is dead.
But the admins machiam super secretive monarchy,
Leave the peoples stuck in pre-cy awx tf and zy-ord era.
If this were nationstates,
05s78-nation would have been deleted long long ago.
I hereby announce the formation of a splinter group called the NEO-BOLSHEVIKS.
I demand for newer news and more childcare leave for pregnant ladies.

Oh and how's everyone?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Chatbox help

Chatbox says: "MEDICC!"

Louis: "man you are in badd shape "

Francis: "you need some first aid!"

Bill: "God damn they took a big chunk outta you"

Zoey: "Hold on Chatbox I'd patch you up. This should only take a second"

Our chatbox is like incapacitated. Does anyone know how to revive it? hahah. It's quite an asset to our blog revival campaign.


Sunday, August 02, 2009


hello hello

i came here through our facebook group which is like a deader than this blog.
Anyone else comes here anymore??


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Phoenix Down

Hello guys (: Long time no post.

I'm here to lift this moldy blog out of the humus. Actually, we ain't that bad. If you visit 06 or 07s78-ADE's blogs, you'd find some comfort in the sense that, if our blog is dead, theirs is fossilized.

Anyway I've been pondering over my uni course dilemma for almost a whole month now, and still I can't decide which course to take. :/ Sports Sci.ence and Mangeme.nt at NTU, or Architecture at NUS.. rarr. It's simply a tussle between pragmatism and passion, and so far neither side is winning. The next few days would be mental warfare for me until I can force a decision out of myself by 1 June. Any thoughts or opinions anyone? hahah.

Anyway to revive this blog, I dug out some stuffs from my ancient blog. Could help refresh some of the dreadful/enjoyable memories/memorized information. hahaha.

here is:

ATTACK OF THE TERROROMEGACOTYLEDONOSAUR, directly copied and pasted. 100% fidelity.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Attack of the Terroromegacotyledonosaur

1. Imbibition of water.
- water enters into the seed through the micropyle
- seed absorbs water and expands in mass, ruptures seed coat.
- hydration triggers metabolic changes and processes in the embryo

2. Activation and Synthesis of enzymes.
- imbibition of water causes marked increase in Gibberelic acid synthesis
- GA dissolved and diffuses to aleurone layer
- turns on genes in the nucleus of aleurone cells that code for certain enzymes, such as alpha amylase. Also stimulates activation and release of other hydrolytic enzymes.
- Hence stimulates mobilisation of food stores, which are translocated to the growing regions of the seed such as the radicle and the plumule.

Posted by Picasa

However, during the course of the rapid cell divisions encouraged by Gibberelins and cytokinins, non-disjunction + point/gene mutations occur, such that an allopolyploid species evolves.

Over expression of Auxin and Gibberelins lead to increased fruit set and suppression of Abscisic acid expression, hence

1. cotyledon does not fall off, and continues to divide.
- soon it differentiates and forms mouth parts and brains.

2. Auxin exerts apical dominance, and no lateral branches form, except at two anomalous regions where cytokinin concentration is higher.


* The following is out of syllabus *

Monster-set is at its maximum. The dehydrated seed coat finally ruptures, unable to withstand the massive might of the jaws that lay within.


Phase 2 of terroromegacotyledonosaur life cycle - Terrorisation and Annihilation.

The two outgrowths from the cytokinin rich regions continue to exhibit extensive branching/growth of lateral branches.

These finger like projections aid the beast in obtaining food, serving as formidable tools for impaling unsuspecting prey, and dropping them into its menacing jaws of destruction.



Phase 3: Natural selection.

No two species can occupy the same ecological niche at the top of the food chain, hence by Darwin's theory of natural selection, competition arises. Struggle for existence ensues, and only the strong shall prevail.

Selection pressure is exerted against the slow, and the cars are favoured for survival.

Allelic frequencies of the population decrease as weakling humans get digested in stomach.


Phase 4: Experimentation

Experimentation carried out by mad scientists are antagonistic to the procreation of new monster terroromegamonocotyledonosaur species.

Darwin's law of natural selection hence fails when there is internal intervention.


Phase 5: Loading phase

Load flask into weapon.

Do not smell contents directly, due to toxic and volatile nature of the compounds.

Instead fan with hand to get whiff of the constituents.

Identify contents and record them down before you die.


Phase 6: Cessation of terror

Apply laws of projectile motion to calculate angle of elevation of gun that is necessary,

given that:
- weak point of monster is 300m above ground level
- scientist is 150m away from foot of monster
-initial speed of projectile = 05.78km/s

(g = 9.81 ms-2)
assume air resistance to be negligible.


Phase 7: Senescence and death phase

Aiyar sian already.

All the above has been added at 11.20pm on the 17th of november.

[/edit 11.20pm 17/11/2006]




And the cycle continues.. haha. It has to because i drew it as a repetitive sequence of pictures for use as a screensaver thing called webshots. That was like back in sec 2/3 man! haha. Expect more photos/pictures to be posted from now on haha.

I just downloaded picasa, so while using it i realized that it actually dug out every single image file in my computer! That's how i stumbled upon this ancient relic.

I hope its quite self explanatory haha.

I flunked chem quite badly. urgh. Oh well, last chance at redemption for chem would be paper 1. I'd wack mcqs everyday man. Okay im tired. Good night! =)

-awx, wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thursday, January 15, 2009


05S78 will be meeting up soon for farewell for the boys who have finished NS and are theoretically "men"

this is random but i just thought that our latest post shouldn't read "Merry Christmas" anymore.


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